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Letter from London: Trading the transition
19 March 2024
Commodity trading companies are set for a key role in shaping green supply chains and providing carbon market liquidity
Letter on carbon: Can carbon markets deliver?
5 March 2024
Offset integrity issues and low prices are undermining markets’ potential to drive low-carbon investment
EU ETS prices fall sharply
4 March 2024
Allowance prices in EU’s emissions cap-and-trade scheme drop by a third as lower power prices hit demand
Letter from London: Just do the transition
29 February 2024
Deployment of clean energy technology is gathering pace, but the transition is way behind where it needs to be
EU agrees on new carbon removals laws
26 February 2024
Operators will be liable for leaks back into the atmosphere under rules designed to give clarity to industry
US warns against Asian coal power expansions
13 February 2024
Plans to add 500GW of coal-fired capacity could undo progress on emissions in US and Europe, climate envoy John Kerry tells IEA forum
Outlook 2024: Focused financing – Will it unlock capital for the transition?
9 January 2024
In a transformative shift, the consumer’s role in meeting net-zero challenges and reducing reliance on fossil fuels is crucial
Outlook 2024: Geothermal energy sector set for growth
20 December 2023
Geothermal energy provides reliable baseload power and heat supply
Outlook 2024: Can carbon credits help you decarbonise faster?
12 December 2023
VCM to help scale climate finance
COP28 brings progress on Article 6
6 December 2023
Talks focus on two key provisions to Paris Agreement rules allowing international trade in emission reductions
Letter on carbon: Betting on Berlin
31 October 2023
Europe’s CCUS sector needs the German government to deliver on its promise of an ambitious carbon management strategy
EU ETS prices will rise with 90% 2040 GHG target
12 October 2023
Incoming EU climate commissioner Wopke Hoekstra has defended the target, which has bullish implications for EU ETS prices
Letter on carbon: Reality check
3 October 2023
The IEA has tempered recent optimism over CCUS with a downbeat assessment of the technology’s role in achieving net zero
UAE gets behind carbon markets
27 September 2023
Investment in African offsets and ambitions to create a trading hub demonstrate Mideast Gulf state’s commitment to growing markets
Carbon markets primed for key role in net-zero push
20 September 2023
Curbing emissions globally by using international carbon market mechanisms reduces the cost of mitigation, Andrea Bonzanni, international policy director at the IETA, tells Carbon Economist
EU’s CBAM transition phase will provide valuable insight
15 September 2023
Training for regional customs authorities and detailed analysis of reporting accuracy will ensure effectiveness of final scheme
How oil and gas companies can navigate the energy transition
4 September 2023
Carbon Economist talks to Quorum’s Alexandra Gajewski about ESG strategies
Olympus deal is key first for RSG market
8 August 2023
Long-term deal signed by Olympus Energy marks breakthrough for emerging market for responsibly sourced gas
California LCFS market braced for stricter targets
2 August 2023
Low Carbon Fuel Standard credit prices bottoming out despite continued surge in renewable diesel supply
Cenovus sees major role in reducing emissions
25 July 2023
Canadian firm and its oil sands peers are targeting net zero by 2050 and are perfectly positioned to address the challenges of the low-carbon transition, says CEO Jon McKenzie
UK backs engineered carbon removal with ETS
4 July 2023
Government set to include Dac and Beccs in national emissions trading scheme as part of package of reforms
CCUS outlook: Delivering large-scale carbon abatement for net zero
22 June 2023
Scaling CCUS will require collaboration between governments, public and private actors, and communities
Canadian Prairies’ role in the energy transition
19 June 2023
Federal department PrairiesCan speaks to Carbon Economist about the energy sector in the region
Bennett Jones sees opportunities in Canadian energy transition
19 June 2023
Carbon Economist spoke to the law firm about Canada’s legal and regulatory landscape
ConocoPhillips in transition
15 June 2023
Superindie talks to Carbon Economist about the energy landscape
World must scale up CCUS for net zero, says IEA’s Budinis
31 May 2023
CCUS is one of the key tools for decarbonising the energy system, but governments and industry must act now to accelerate its deployment at scale
CDR defies cost pressures to win over corporate buyers
30 May 2023
Growing list of offtake deals shows large corporations are ready to invest in expensive engineered carbon dioxide removal to support their net-zero goals
Tackling methane a ‘no-brainer’ for oil and gas industry, says IEA’s McGlade
24 May 2023
Cutting emissions of the potent greenhouse gas is beneficial not just for the climate but also for companies’ bottom lines and their social licences to operate
IEA’s Birol sees role for oil and gas as part of ‘orderly’ energy transition
22 May 2023
Tackling both the energy security crisis and the climate crisis means clean energy push must be secure and affordable
Technology the answer for oil sands’ net-zero goals
9 May 2023
The six Canadian producers of the Pathways Alliance look to employ technical innovation and energy efficiency to reach scope one and two targets, says group president Kendall Dilling
Major CDR projects secure offtakers in landmark deal
9 May 2023
Corporate buyers including UBS and Swiss Re commit to buy carbon dioxide removals in boost for emerging sector
Avoiding old geopolitical paradigms for new energy challenges
4 May 2023
The US needs critical minerals for the energy transition, but its strategy for securing supplies should not mirror its approach to fossil fuels
China bides its time on ETS extension
2 May 2023
Government may not broaden scope of world’s largest cap-and-trade scheme until 2024 or later
Net zero demands huge carbon-capture investment – IEA
21 April 2023
Project pipeline implies only a quarter of capacity needed by 2030, IEA says
Next oil and gas windfall will come from transition
20 April 2023
Ability to attract ESG capital will become key differentiator for energy companies as the transition advances
Salzgitter secures €1bn in government finance for green steel
18 April 2023
The first stage of its Salcos decarbonisation programme is due to start operations by end-2025
Governments aim to unleash cross-border CO₂ trade
18 April 2023
Growth of carbon removal and capture sectors creates need for functioning international market linking emitters and storage providers
CCUS: Investing in the foundations for scaling
17 April 2023
Progress in the CCUS sector is finally underway thanks to policy support, but moving at the required pace will require more government action and industry partnerships
Corporations commit more than $1bn towards carbon removals
14 April 2023
JP Morgan, Autodesk, Workday and H&M commit to purchasing combined $100mn of carbon removals via the Frontier initiative by 2030
Shell rejects calls for new scope three targets
17 March 2023
Oil major pushes back on shareholder demands amid easing ESG pressures on industry
Australia debates use of offsets
3 March 2023
Reform of scheme to cut industry emissions will see new rules on the use of both domestic and international offsets
Heirloom to market lime-based DAC technology
21 February 2023
US technology company signs MoU to use calcination process initially developed to abate cement industry emissions
Change Gfanz to save it
21 February 2023
Investor alliance must reconcile push for decarbonisation with responsibility to maximise returns for clients
Shell and Energean explore CCS for Egyptian LNG
16 February 2023
Companies agree to study feasibility of carbon dioxide storage in depleted reservoir in Abu Qir offshore gas concession
CCS key to decarbonising Canada’s oil sands
13 February 2023
Pathways Alliance has put CCS at the heart of its net-zero strategy as it aims to achieve meaningful reductions in emissions from oil sands by 2030, alliance president Kendall Dilling tells Carbon Economist
UAE to tap Zambia forestry for carbon credits
9 February 2023
Two governments sign MoU allowing UAE to develop forestry-based projects in the African country
Nature-based carbon offset momentum defies critics
7 February 2023
A recent trend towards offset crediting at a jurisdictional level is raising funds at a much larger scale than traditional project-based programmes
Germany’s change of heart on CCS
19 January 2023
Technology shunned by country’s politicians for more than a decade looks set for a key role in government’s new decarbonisation strategy
EU approves €1.1bn Danish CCS support scheme
13 January 2023
State government offers 20-year CfD to support deployment of carbon capture as key decarbonisation tool
Adnoc earmarks $15bn for decarbonisation
6 January 2023
Abu Dhabi’s state oil company to develop array of projects including CCS, carbon removal and electrification in major investment programme to 2030
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