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EU ETS revisions close to becoming law
10 February 2023
Final shape of the law endorsed by European Parliament with only EU Council endorsement remaining
Brazil’s carbon markets to grow under Lula
12 January 2023
Incoming president faces a series of decisions on legacy legislation that could provide impetus for domestic ETS and offset markets
EU reaches agreement on ETS revision
19 December 2022
New scheme for transport and buildings paired with tighter cap in existing system
RepowerEU financing agreed
14 December 2022
Innovation Fund will supply €12bn, with €8bn coming from early auctions of ETS allowances
EU agrees carbon border tariffs
13 December 2022
Carbon border adjustment mechanism will begin test period in 2023 and phase in slowly over course of the decade
EU reaches deal to include shipping in ETS
30 November 2022
Provisional agreement is still subject to an overall deal on the ETS revision in late December.
China ETS requires power market reform
14 November 2022
Policymakers’ ongoing preference for regulated power tariffs over market-based pricing is one of key problems China needs to address
EU CBAM will have ‘coercive effect’
10 November 2022
Scheme will punish other trading blocs that do not have a carbon price of a similar level, industry seminar hears
EU ETS revenues will come from frontloading
6 October 2022
Initial Commission proposal to sell allowances from Market Stability Reserve rejected by both EU Parliament and Council
EU package to target electricity demand
12 September 2022
Emergency measures aim to lower power prices by reducing demand at peak times
EPP proposes faster allowance sale to lower ETS price
8 September 2022
Largest group in European Parliament has suggested sale of allowances across one year to finance investments in energy projects
EU ETS prices rise on high coal burn, low auctions
24 August 2022
Prices in the EU’s emissions trading scheme hit an all-time high last week after an August rally on reduced volumes and an increase in coal burn
MEPs pass ETS reform
22 June 2022
European Parliament has voted in favour of steeper emissions reductions and inclusion of maritime, road transport and heating in carbon pricing schemes
MEPs reach new deal on ETS reform
15 June 2022
Cap reduction stays at diluted level but free allowances phased out by 2032
EU parliament votes down ETS reforms
8 June 2022
Reforms proposed under EU’s ‘Fit for 55’ package will go back to committee stage and return to parliament in September
EU climate laws advance
18 May 2022
Rules governing how emissions will be cut in line with Paris Agreement goals have passed a key legislative hurdle
The big carbon short
13 May 2022
Commodity traders will help solve a forthcoming large carbon short in the voluntary offset market
Chinese ETS faces data issues
29 March 2022
Data quality and integrity must improve if world’s largest emissions trading system is to be effective in helping China achieve carbon targets, speakers tell event in Shanghai
ETS to remain heart of EU climate policy
24 March 2022
Carbon border adjustments could encourage scheme’s influence in other regions, according to panel
EU ETS prices fall sharply on Ukraine invasion
8 March 2022
Combination of factors has led to EU allowances losing a third of their value, but bullish factors remain on the horizon
Carbon set for sustained price rally in chase for net zero
16 June 2021
Emissions trading reignited as market takes centre stage as carbon abatement driver
UK ETS launch reignites debate over emissions market linking
2 June 2021
Opportunity to bring together UK and EU markets, but China’s new scheme lacks compatibility with other systems
EU looks to strengthen Emissions Trading System
21 April 2021
Scheme will undergo further reforms this summer as part of increased EU ambition to reach net zero by 2050
Concerns grow ahead of UK carbon market launch
6 April 2021
The UK is set to start its equivalent of the EU ETS on 19 May, but it may take some time for market participants to adjust
EU ETS emissions fall 12.6pc in 2020—official data
1 April 2021
Record fall in verified emissions of participating installations was largely in line with expectations
Investors unimpressed by carbon offsets
25 March 2021
Asset managers and institutional investors are looking past largely unregulated means of reducing emissions to companies implementing science-based targets
New Zealand’s revamped carbon market starts trading
19 March 2021
Enhanced system covers half of the country’s emissions to support its climate ambitions
Speculators discover EU ETS—and like what they see
16 March 2021
Brushing aside debatable ethical considerations, traders have been pushing the world’s largest carbon market to record highs
EU border carbon tariff set for long battle
12 March 2021
Industry is pushing for carbon tax on imports while enjoying free allocations
China’s Five-Year Plan and ETS to see CO2 rising till 2030
10 March 2021
Concentration on reducing carbon intensity means total emissions are likely to continue to increase
EU carbon market roiled by intervention rumours
16 February 2021
European Commission has expressed concern about speculators driving up prices in the ETS
UK updates delayed ETS plan, while utilities rely on EU
12 February 2021
UK carbon market delays mean domestic utilities are calling on the EU ETS to fulfil their requirements
Net-zero drive triggers surge in voluntary offset interest
21 January 2021
Voluntary carbon offsets permanently retire allowances and therefore verifiably lock in climate benefits
UK’s emissions market risks falling short
20 January 2021
Standalone system will be just 10pc as large as its EU equivalent, and important details have not been announced
European carbon price hits record, as climate ambitions bite
15 January 2021
The EU is widely expected to reduce the supply of EUAs as part of its efforts to hit net-zero by 2050, on top of recent reforms
China’s carbon market not yet fit for purpose
13 January 2021
Announcement of the scheme is encouraging, but it will not be effective until an absolute cap is placed on emissions
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