5 December 2022
Posco pledges $40bn for Australian hydrogen and green steel
The South Korean steel giant aims to produce 1mn t/yr of hydrogen in Australia by 2040
5 December 2022
China electrolyser demand to pick up in 2023
Supply chain disruptions caused by Covid-19 and higher costs of solar PV units have created drag on hydrogen this year
2 December 2022
UK invests in hydrogen truck R&D
Toyota and Glasgow-based startup HVS to receive funding for hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles
2 December 2022
Namibia targets hydrogen and derivatives exports
The country aims to send out 10–15mn t/yr of hydrogen equivalent to demand centres in Europe and Asia by mid-decade
2 December 2022
Cepsa plans €5bn Andalusia green hydrogen hub
Spanish energy firm raises the stakes in Europe’s clean hydrogen sector with plan to deploy 2GW of electrolyser capacity
1 December 2022
Europe’s ammonia import plans need FIDs fast
Quicker action will be required for the EU to hit its ambitious import targets
1 December 2022
Centrica partners with Ryze across hydrogen supply chain
The two firms will jointly develop hydrogen projects at existing Centrica sites
1 December 2022
Green hydrogen could reach cost parity with grey by 2030 – IEA
Increase in carbon prices and continued fall in technology costs could bring renewable form of fuel down in price
30 November 2022
China evaluates PGM hydrogen demand
Alkaline systems are looking to increase PGM loadings to improve production efficiency, while PEM manufacturers are working on the opposite to cut costs
29 November 2022
Woodside joins New Zealand project
Australian oil and gas company selected as partner to develop Southern Green Hydrogen project
29 November 2022
Rising turbine prices could inflate green hydrogen costs
Dedicated wind-to-hydrogen projects face headwinds as embattled turbine manufacturers push though sharp price increases
29 November 2022
Easyjet and Rolls Royce test hydrogen jet engine
Partnership looking to demonstrate that hydrogen has potential to power a range of aircraft from the 2030s
28 November 2022
Acwa and PTT partner on Thai green hydrogen
The Saudi developer and Thai NOC plan to develop 225,000t/yr of hydrogen production capacity
28 November 2022
African nations ‘could meet 22pc of hydrogen trade’
Report from the Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance says region could help meet both European and Asian demand
25 November 2022
Researchers engineer light-activated ammonia-to-hydrogen catalyst
A team led by Rice University has designed a method of cracking ammonia that could replace the use of expensive metals for thermocatalysts
25 November 2022
TES and EWE sign electrolyser deal
Two firms want to build 500MW electrolyser as part of plan to make Wilhelmshaven a hydrogen hub
25 November 2022
ITM Power selects new CEO
Dennis Schulz of Linde Engineering will replace Graham Cooley as CEO from 1 December
24 November 2022
SAF ‘most viable solution’ for aviation in short term – Shell
The oil major aims to scale up SAF production in effort to decarbonise aviation, with hydrogen a potential fuel for larger aircraft or SAF feedstock in long-term
24 November 2022
UK hydrogen mobility lags other markets
Country must accelerate progress on rolling out refuelling infrastructure, says industry association
22 November 2022
Finnish green hydrogen project plans link to Nordic network
Developer Flexens’ 300MW facility would be Finland’s largest and could feed into the planned Nordic Hydrogen Route
22 November 2022
TotalEnergies and Air Liquide to produce low-carbon hydrogen
Firms will work together to install new unit to produce hydrogen at the Grandpuits oil platform
22 November 2022
Jera signs MoUs on ammonia supply
Japanese utility working with shipping firms to develop ammonia supply chain for power plant
21 November 2022
Cairo shows the world its hydrogen ambitions
Egypt used its role as Cop27 host to showcase its ambitions to become a leading supplier and to court green hydrogen investment
18 November 2022
Air Products and Mabanaft to develop ammonia import terminal
Facility at Port of Hamburg to supply hydrogen across northern Germany from 2026
18 November 2022
Siemens to install ‘hydrogen-ready’ gas turbines at German CHP plant
The two turbines installed at EnBW’s district heating power plant in Stuttgart will initially run on gas, but with increasing volumes of hydrogen blended in
18 November 2022
Irena sets out G7 hydrogen policy plan
Agency says the nations must advance work in five key areas if they want to achieve the goals of their Hydrogen Action Pact
18 November 2022
California backs blue hydrogen as solar capacity lags
Steam methane reforming with CCS can ensure rapid transition to hydrogen, US state’s Air Resources Board says in latest carbon-neutral roadmap
17 November 2022
South Korean firms sign up for Saudi ammonia project
Companies from the East Asian country are looking to secure supplies of green ammonia and want full involvement in the value chain
17 November 2022
Mixed outlook for German hydrogen
While the current pace of development is not enough to meet domestic production targets, the country remains attractive for investment amid boosted policy support
16 November 2022
HydrogenOne portfolio faces headwinds
London-based hydrogen sector fund says companies in its portfolio maintaining stable performance despite supply chain issues and high energy prices
16 November 2022
World Bank launches hydrogen initiative
Partnership aims to foster capacity-building, regulation, business models and technologies in developing countries
16 November 2022
India Hydrogen Alliance plans Kerala hub
The industry body has proposed a 150MW green hydrogen project at the port city of Kochi
16 November 2022
Renewables sectors form alliance to drive deployment
Associations representing sectors including green hydrogen, wind and geothermal launch unprecedented joint initiative at Cop27 in Egypt
16 November 2022
Outlook 2023: Recycling and thrifting – the answer to the iridium question
While low iridium supply has stoked concerns the expansion of PEM electrolysers will be limited, options for recovering the metal for secondary use are already commonplace in other industries
14 November 2022
Germany lags hydrogen targets – Eon
Energy company calls for policy action to incentivise investment into hydrogen production and transmission infrastructure
14 November 2022
Hydrogen partnerships flourish at Cop27
The conference has already seen the signature of a green hydrogen shipping agreement and US support for a Ukrainian nuclear hydrogen project
14 November 2022
FFI and Windlab to develop Australian hydrogen hub
The firms will develop 10GW of renewables in state of Queensland that will be used to power green hydrogen production
14 November 2022
Aviation could be major source of demand
EU targets on SAF will require significant volumes of hydrogen
11 November 2022
FFI signs green fertiliser deal with Kenya
The Australian developer plans to develop a 300MW green ammonia and fertiliser facility by 2025
11 November 2022
South Korea gears up hydrogen strategy
The government has announced new efforts to support hydrogen infrastructure and scale up demand
11 November 2022
Canadian tax credits to boost low-carbon hydrogen
But regime still not competitive with US, says director of Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research
10 November 2022
Countries should collaborate on hydrogen hubs
Hub facilities would develop skills and job creation, as well as improve standards for safety and regulation, according to NZTC report
10 November 2022
RWE challenges hydrogen blending push
Efforts better directed at replacing grey hydrogen in sectors such as refining and chemicals, says strategy director at German company
10 November 2022
BP signs green hydrogen MoU with Mauritania
The northwest African nation is increasingly attracting interest from European developers
9 November 2022
Hydrogen best option for UK power flexibility – Aurora
Hydrogen-fired peaking power plants cheaper than storage and abated gas-fired plants in 2035, research company says
9 November 2022
Egypt starts green hydrogen plant trials
The Misr facility will eventually produce green ammonia for export
8 November 2022
MMX seeks Permian hydrogen hub funding
Texas-based developer cites supportive US policies as it tables hub proposal spanning ten cities with projects including both blue and green hydrogen
7 November 2022
FID due on Neom this year
Project worth $5bn is progressing, says Acwa Power on Q3 results call
4 November 2022
Transitus eyes North Sea assets for hydrogen play
Startup aims to invest in natural gas infrastructure to create a vertically integrated hydrogen company, CEO Jack Peck tells Hydrogen Economist
4 November 2022
EU doubles Innovation Fund to €3bn
Special focus on expanding renewables to make the bloc ‘immune to Russian energy blackmail’
3 November 2022
Mcphy takes FID on 1GW Belfort electrolyser plant
French alkaline electrolyser company to commission facility in northeastern France in 2024 with funding from French government under EU’s Ipcei scheme
3 November 2022
Centrica and Equinor to develop Easington hydrogen hub
Two firms sign deal to jointly convert the Easington gas terminal in East Yorkshire to become a low-carbon production hub
2 November 2022
Global electrolyser pipeline reaches 957GW
As manufacturers ramp up capacity targets, combined hydrogen demand from Germany and the UK is expected to exceed 500TWh, according to Aurora Energy Research
2 November 2022
ExxonMobil and partners launch UK low-carbon cluster
Solent cluster on south coast will include production of hydrogen and sustainable fuels for aviation and shipping
1 November 2022
BP to develop AREH in two phases
Initial phase will target domestic supply, before project looks to export internationally from the end of the decade
31 October 2022
Future LNG overcapacity to boost hydrogen imports
Regasification terminals can be repurposed to receive ammonia and synthetic methane
28 October 2022
Russian invasion has boosted hydrogen sector – IEA
Capital spending on electrolyser projects has tripled to $1.5bn compared with 2020, says IEA’s World Energy Outlook
28 October 2022
Kazakhstan backs 20GW green hydrogen project
Project aims for FID in 2026, with first production by 2030
27 October 2022
West cannot overlook ‘S’ in ESG criteria for hydrogen
While megaprojects outside the EU might have fewer obstacles to producing 100pc renewables-derived hydrogen, the potential human cost must not be ignored
27 October 2022
ITM warns of project delays as production issues bite
Problems with manufacture of new electrolyser model expected to hit full-year output and revenue
27 October 2022
Canadian provinces want more federal hydrogen support
The country’s incentive scheme must be similar to the US’ if its hydrogen economy is to remain competitive, provincial ministers say
26 October 2022
Amsterdam to develop LOHC terminal
The port plans to jointly develop 100-500t/d LOHC dehydrogenation capacity
26 October 2022
Netherlands issues first green hydrogen certificates
Guarantee of origin certificates used in pilot project organised by Gasunie-backed exchange platform Hyxchange
26 October 2022
Oman offers green hydrogen project sites
Auction of government-owned land part of strategy to become a key global producer and exporter
26 October 2022
Green hydrogen ‘competitive with grey’ in EU
Cost of green hydrogen production will continue to fall as renewable energy and electrolyser costs come down, says Hydrogen Europe report
25 October 2022
Hydrogen demand growth needs new sectors
Demand must double by 2030 to be consistent with a net-zero emissions by 2050 scenario, says IEA
25 October 2022
Singapore takes cautious approach in hydrogen strategy
The country has not set specific import targets in its national hydrogen strategy but plans to invest in R&D and undertake long-term land and infrastructure planning
25 October 2022
UAE powers up clean energy push
Funded by soaring oil revenues and spurred by the European energy crisis, the federation’s renewables and hydrogen plans are rapidly advancing
25 October 2022
EU delays push back global FIDs
Uncertainty over how the largest demand centre for green hydrogen will define and certify the gas could impact export-focused projects
25 October 2022
Repsol advances 100MW electrolyser
Green hydrogen will be used to decarbonise Cartagena refinery and other local industry applications in southern Spain
24 October 2022
UAE delivers first blue ammonia to Germany
State oil company Adnoc has shipped a test cargo to German metals firm Aurubis
21 October 2022
Japan targets supply-side policy
Systems for supporting commercial supply chains for hydrogen and ammonia were discussed at a recent meeting of policy subcommittees
21 October 2022
Belgium proposes European import hub strategy
Prime minister unveils revision that aims for port expansion and pipeline network to Germany in mid-2020s
21 October 2022
Green hydrogen costs rise in Europe
Analysis by price-reporting agency ICIS shows costs have risen in line with increases in wholesale power market
21 October 2022
Surging gas prices drive $73bn spend on green hydrogen
Germany, Morocco and the US make biggest investment pledges as green hydrogen costs undercut blue and grey in most regions in wake of war in Ukraine, says Carbon Tracker
21 October 2022
Global hydrogen trade to develop in four phases
Thousands of miles of pipelines and more than 1,100 dedicated ships will be needed by 2050, says McKinsey report
20 October 2022
Nel increases US focus
Passing of Inflation Reduction Act has already led to two of the firm’s largest-ever orders
20 October 2022
Youth not a solution to the green premium problem
The under-30 demographic may be less willing to pay green premiums than the hydrogen industry expects
20 October 2022
Chevron and partners study US hydrogen project
The oil major will collaborate with Air Liquide, Uniper and Lyondell Basell on a joint study to potentially develop a hydrogen and ammonia production facility along the US Gulf Coast
20 October 2022
Mena faces energy storage troubles
Battery technology is struggling to take off in the region, presenting a potential hurdle for future green hydrogen production
19 October 2022
Hydrogen market needs phased approach
Ensuring harmonised certification and distributed supply vital to success of market, say speakers at the FT Energy Transition Summit
19 October 2022
Sasol and Arcelormittal eye Saldanha hydrogen export hub
Companies also explore green steel and sustainable fuels projects as South Africa’s green hydrogen economy starts to take shape
19 October 2022
Swedish green steel plant raises further finance
H2 Green Steel has raised a further €70mn in new equity investments, bringing its total to €260mn
18 October 2022
Hydrogen trade could rely on derivatives
Ammonia and methanol may present quicker routes to market
17 October 2022
Arcelormittal breaks ground on low-carbon steel project
Conversion of Dofasco plant in Canada to DRI-EAF process will eventually see it using green hydrogen to make steel
14 October 2022
Infrastructure hurdles hold back hydrogen FIDs – Worley
The need to de-risk supply chains, lack of a tradeable price and the problem of common infrastructure all contribute to lack of FIDs in the hydrogen sector, engineering firm tells Hydrogen Economist
14 October 2022
CF targets blue ammonia market after signing CCS deal
US fertiliser firm aims to be first high-volume supplier of blue ammonia as it secures major CCS deal with ExxonMobil and Enlink
14 October 2022
MEPs call for lower EU hydrogen imports
Cross-party group has written to the European Commission asking it to focus more on domestic production
14 October 2022
H2GS launches Brazilian hydrogen and green steel project
Swedish green steel startup partners with Hydro Havrand to explore green hydrogen production in Brazil, amid growing activity in the sector
13 October 2022
Hydrogen growth not consistent with net zero – DNV
The fuel will meet only 5pc of global energy demand in 2050, far less than the 15pc needed to be consistent with net-zero scenarios
13 October 2022
Dutch government to join German hydrogen import scheme
The Netherlands is in talks to get involved in the H2Global scheme, aiming to take part in the second round of tenders
13 October 2022
US clean hydrogen needs oil major backing
Hydrogen sector will struggle to reach required scale without commitment of big oil, US DoE official tells Hydrogen Americas Summit
12 October 2022
EU policy uncertainty still hampering projects
Investors calling for clarity on European regulation and alignment of bloc-wide and national hydrogen strategies
12 October 2022
Acwa and Kepco explore green ammonia projects
Saudi developer and South Korean power company eye large-scale projects to supply power plants
12 October 2022
Geopolitics will influence hydrogen trade
Trade links are being developed with national security as well as geography in mind, summit hears
11 October 2022
Hydrogen ‘not about colours’ – DoE
US energy secretary says that developing hydrogen economy is about cutting emissions, not method of production
11 October 2022
Cepsa and Rotterdam to create hydrogen corridor
Spanish energy company to work with port operator to develop green hydrogen trade lane into northwest Europe by 2027
11 October 2022
Cummins to launch first US electrolyser facility
Power technology company cites increased government support as it unveils plan to make PEM electrolysers at existing Minnesota facility
10 October 2022
Hy24 closes pure-play hydrogen fund at €2bn
Fund manager aims to deploy capital within six years with a focus on investments in mobility sector
10 October 2022
Planning appeal halts Swiss green hydrogen project
Lawmakers have responsibility to create frameworks to enable transition projects to go ahead, developer Axpo says
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