9 April 2024
Project risks constrain green growth in sub-Saharan Africa
Higher country-level risk and green hydrogen project execution risks are driving up financing costs, according to the Hydrogen Council and McKinsey
4 April 2024
Stanlow offers blueprint for low-carbon refining
EET’s $2.4b plan to decarbonise major refinery in northwest England hits key milestone with CO₂ pipeline approval
3 April 2024
Letter on hydrogen: Innovation crucial to solving green cost conundrum
Policymakers must back development of new electrolyser technologies as well as the scale-up of established designs to bring down stubbornly high costs
28 March 2024
Morocco unveils its green hydrogen offering
Investment landscape is firming up in North African country with potential to become one of the world’s major exporters
22 March 2024
Mabanaft deal paves way for Canada–Germany import corridor
German energy firm and Canada-based Pattern Energy aim to ship green ammonia to Hamburg in latest move to secure imports to Europe’s largest economy
22 March 2024
Vallourec targets on-site hydrogen storage market
French company prepares for commercial launch of underground storage system to be deployed at green hydrogen production and consumption sites
21 March 2024
Letter from Saudi Arabia: Gulf countries well set to be hydrogen leaders
Region has competitive edge in low-carbon hydrogen, but infrastructure and export challenges are key roadblocks to overcome
18 March 2024
India’s green hydrogen revolution taking shape
Major Indian companies are venturing into the sector thanks to government support, but cost and incentive questions persist
13 March 2024
Egypt struggles to mobilise green hydrogen investment
Developers outline provisional plans to invest in multiple projects, but progress to FID remains elusive
13 March 2024
Japan targets Southeast Asia’s hydrogen potential
Government’s decarbonisation drive, deep economic ties and beneficial geography drive investment in the region
8 March 2024
Vietnam sets challenging hydrogen targets
Prime minister approves strategy aimed at ramping up production of green and blue hydrogen by 2030
6 March 2024
Letter on hydrogen: Storage matters
Europe must accelerate the development of large-scale hydrogen storage to ensure reliable supplies as demand for the energy vector grows
1 March 2024
Letter from the UK: A positive legacy for OPEC?
Oil producer group could spearhead the shift to cleaner energy in member countries and be part of transition solution
29 February 2024
Letter from London: Just do the transition
Deployment of clean energy technology is gathering pace, but the transition is way behind where it needs to be
28 February 2024
Engie urges caution on pace of hydrogen deployment
Applications in hard-to-abate industries will take longer than previously expected to develop, warns CEO
21 February 2024
EU plans second green hydrogen auction by year-end
European Commission encouraged by high demand for production subsidies offered through first pilot of European Hydrogen Bank auction
19 February 2024
UAE makes inroads in target markets
Emirati firm’s latest hydrogen deals include South Korean production and northern European supply
14 February 2024
H2 Green Steel banks 30% premium
Hydrogen-based steelmaker on track to scale-up production at first large-scale plant in northern Sweden
12 February 2024
North and South America draw up maps for hydrogen future
US and Canada are planning major hydrogen investments, while Central and South American countries face challenges in realising their significant potential
12 February 2024
World Hydrogen 2024 returns to Rotterdam
Summit and exhibition, 13–15 May, promises its most impactful event yet
9 February 2024
Western Europe has strong lead in global hydrogen projects
The region has a far higher market share than any other and is continuing to invest heavily in hydrogen capacity and infrastructure
7 February 2024
Africa aims high on hydrogen
The continent is looking to significantly boost its production of the fuel for both export and domestic consumption
6 February 2024
Middle East’s hydrogen ambitions need big investment
The region’s superfluity of renewable energy resources mean it has great potential as a hydrogen developer, but it will come at no small cost
6 February 2024
Germany to tender for hydrogen-ready power plants
Gas-fired facilities will be required to switch to 100% hydrogen by 2040, government says in new strategy for country’s power system
5 February 2024
Australia leads the way in Asia-Pacific hydrogen
The country is at the forefront of the region’s hydrogen race, but Asia’s other major economies have big plans of their own
5 February 2024
Ammonia demand seen pivoting to energy
Power generation and maritime sector offtake expected to eclipse fertiliser industry demand by 2040, according to producers
2 February 2024
Hydrogen set for major role in transition
Massive investment in renewable energy and electrolyser capacity will be needed if countries are to reach their ambitious net-zero goals
31 January 2024
Letter on hydrogen: In for the long haul
New initiatives to secure supplies and build out refuelling networks signal growing confidence in hydrogen-powered trucking in Europe
29 January 2024
Mitsubishi eyes ammonia power growth in Europe
Turbine manufacturer lines up more ammonia conversions at European gas-fired power plants
22 January 2024
Outlook 2024: Latin America will continue to be a place of innovation
The region is well placed to lead on the energy transition, embracing oil and gas as a transition fuel
17 January 2024
Outlook 2024: How digitalisation can help enable the hydrogen economy
The time for us to act on hydrogen technology is now, and if we hope to achieve success, digitalisation will play a critical role in those efforts
17 January 2024
Johnson Matthey sees clean fuel tech ‘hypergrowth’
Demand for technology and components deployed in the SAF and blue hydrogen sectors is booming, UK-based company tells Hydrogen Economist
16 January 2024
Outlook 2024: EU hydrogen and sustainable fuel policies
Shaping the framework of a key market
15 January 2024
Outlook 2024: Prime factors around global biofuel growth
Biofuels are addressing the energy trilemma through sustainability and security, but affordability remains a challenge
12 January 2024
IEA cuts growth forecasts for hydrogen-linked renewables
Deployment of solar and wind to power electrolysers seen slowing as green hydrogen projects struggle to reach FID
11 January 2024
Egypt’s green hydrogen sector hits legislative milestone
Parliament passes new law designed to incentivise developers to firm up investment commitments
10 January 2024
8 Rivers ‘game-changing’ hydrogen tech makes commercial debut
US company to deploy 8RH2 methane-based production process at large-scale ammonia facility in Texas
10 January 2024
Equinor and Linde to develop Dutch blue hydrogen project
Facility at Eemshaven will reform Norwegian gas and supply industrial consumers via Dutch and German pipeline networks
9 January 2024
Outlook 2024: Regulatory convergence of the IRA and international subsidiary models
The EU and Japan are developing regulations to counterbalance the US’ perceived protectionist strategies
9 January 2024
Oil and gas now has green licence
The hydrocarbons industry must start to deliver in 2024 on the quiet approvals granted at last year’s COP, which was also dubbed ‘Conference of the Petrostates’
9 January 2024
EU bets on Africa as hydrogen powerhouse
Renewables-rich continent has vast potential as supplier to the EU and other regions, but project developers face multiple challenges
8 January 2024
Outlook 2024: Progress with growing pains – Developing a global hydrogen ecosystem
A competitive pricing structure, collaboration between public and private sectors and supportive policies all required to justify hydrogen development
3 January 2024
Letter on hydrogen: IRA’s reality check
Proposed regulation of production tax credits exhibits many of the complexities and tight definitions contained in EU’s green hydrogen framework
2 January 2024
Investors flock to Oman summit
The sultanate’s potential to become a major green hydrogen player gains recognition among international investors
2 January 2024
Outlook 2024: Crunch time for hydrogen
The nascent low-carbon hydrogen sector needs 2024 to be a breakthrough year if it is to get within striking distance of the production targets set by policymakers
22 December 2023
Outlook 2024: Changes and trends in the offshore energy sector
Wind among emerging technologies developing offshore
19 December 2023
Hydrogen sector must build on COP28 progress
Strong international definition of hydrogen as well as certification of transport and infra-structure safety standards are vital for the development of a global market
14 December 2023
UK green projects secure up to £2b in subsidies
Country’s first allocation round awards electrolytic hydrogen projects attractive gas-linked strike prices, but total capacity falls short of government’s ambition
14 December 2023
Outlook 2024: Competing priorities for green industrial policy
Three overarching policy goals can be seen to achieve decarbonisation
13 December 2023
COP28 deal backs global hydrogen scale-up
Agreement calls for acceleration of hydrogen production and other low-carbon technologies as global emissions trajectory falters
13 December 2023
Atlantic Canada eyes exports as green push gathers pace
Supportive government and exceptional wind power potential position region for success in green hydrogen market
12 December 2023
COP28 brings flurry of UAE hydrogen deal-making
Deals announced by Abu Dhabi clean energy developer Masdar are strongly focused on developing hydrogen supplies to Europe
11 December 2023
Outlook 2024: Oman – Taking a leading role in the global energy transition
Oman offers an attractive destination for investment in the energy transition
8 December 2023
ExxonMobil charts own course on transition
The US oil major is leveraging its skillset to develop a low-carbon portfolio spanning CCS and blue hydrogen to lithium for EV batteries
7 December 2023
Outlook 2024: NEOM Green Hydrogen Project: A blueprint for the future?
Significant potential for green hydrogen across the Middle East
6 December 2023
Letter on hydrogen: Market makers
COP28 declaration aims to unleash global trade through alignment of national certification systems
5 December 2023
Outlook 2024: Long-term innovation and cost declines will overcome short-term volatility
Supply chains face short-term challenges but not fundamental barriers as clean energy technologies scale
1 December 2023
No single solution to decarbonise aviation
Aircraft of varying sizes and in varying regions are likely to use different technologies to decarbonise, making regulation challenging
30 November 2023
Morocco rides wave of green hydrogen interest
International investors are looking to exploit Morocco’s increasingly well-recognised potential to be one of the world’s top producers
30 November 2023
China plans key role for green hydrogen
Production of green hydrogen and fuels from rapidly expanding renewable power sector becoming increasingly important to country’s energy strategy
29 November 2023
Irish site earmarked for Europe’s first ammonia power plant
Centrica and Mitsubishi agree to explore development of facility at Bord Gais Energy site in Cork
28 November 2023
Outlook 2024: How to drive ultra-low-carbon hydrogen expansion
Clean hydrogen will be one of the next decade’s biggest energy transition growth areas. To meet our net-zero goals, we must prioritise efficiency
24 November 2023
Bidding opens for EU hydrogen bank subsidies
Projects can now bid for the first tranche of funding from the EHB
24 November 2023
TES taps cheap renewables for green gas push
Synthetic methane enables delivery of green molecules via existing gas infrastructure, CCO Yves Vercammen tells Dan Feldman, partner at law firm King & Spalding
23 November 2023
Jordan’s green hydrogen plans gain traction
Investors are starting to register interest in the kingdom’s potential to be a significant producer and exporter
21 November 2023
EU backs Brazilian green gigaproject
Talks also underway with Kazakhstan, Australia and Oman as the EU widens its search for diverse and reliable supplies of low-carbon hydrogen
17 November 2023
Green hydrogen costs surge up to 65% in a year
Higher electrolyser and finance costs among factors inflating LCOH but green hydrogen seen holding market share compared to blue, says McKinsey and Hydrogen Council
16 November 2023
Germany’s €20b hydrogen network project edges forward
Natural gas TSOs aim to start construction in 2024 after submitting draft application to government
14 November 2023
A hydrogen benchmark: developing a price for hydrogen
Transparent pricing will be key to developing the hydrogen economy
14 November 2023
Green project pipeline growth slows – Topsoe
Danish electrolyser manufacturer also raises concerns over renewable power access as it gears up for push into US market
13 November 2023
Brazil eyes green hydrogen potential
Latin America’s largest country lays groundwork to accelerate production and become a major global exporter
10 November 2023
Iridium market must seek careful balance
Thrifting, substitution and recycling will be key to avoid imbalance in market for precious metal used in electrolysers
3 November 2023
Electrolyser manufacturers bullish amid market headwinds
Firms are being more careful with order timing, but long-term fundamentals remain promising
2 November 2023
Hydrogenious sets sights on Middle East
The firm is building links with port operators, regulatory authorities, EPC firms and hydrogen project developers as it looks to raise awareness of its transport technology
1 November 2023
Letter on hydrogen: American dream
The US’ relentless push to create a low-carbon hydrogen economy will benefit the industry’s development in all regions
31 October 2023
China lauds Europe hydrogen policy
Europe is leading the way on R&D level and development of policy framework for low-carbon hydrogen, says official of China’s State Grid Energy Research Institute
30 October 2023
China ‘represents challenge’ to EU hydrogen economy
The hydrogen economy in China is accelerating rapidly as the EU struggles to adequately capitalise its market mechanisms
30 October 2023
Neom blazes green hydrogen trail
Neom Green Hydrogen Company’s success may be difficult to repeat but provides important lessons – and similarities -- for future projects
30 October 2023
Gasunie starts building Dutch H2 network
Netherlands’ domestic hydrogen pipeline network will span 1,200km of largely existing gas pipelines from 2030
27 October 2023
Shell ‘refocuses’ hydrogen strategy on trucks and industry
Oil major drops plans for hydrogen in light mobility and cuts jobs in wider overhaul of low-carbon solutions business
26 October 2023
Scottish green gigaproject moves to FEED
Statera Energy contracts Worley for first phase of Europe’s largest green hydrogen project
25 October 2023
Neom on track and eyeing expansions
Four key projects now underway designed to support and accompany the flagship Neom project
25 October 2023
Acwa eyes green trade via Amsterdam
Saudi company signs MOU with infrastructure developers to explore plans for hydrogen export corridor via Dutch port
19 October 2023
LCOH cost components evaluated by new tool
A tool developed by the EPRI examines various inputs to calculate the levelised cost of hydrogen
18 October 2023
GH Power slashes hydrogen cost with circular reactor
Canadian company nears commercial operation of technology to produce green hydrogen at $2/kg, chief operating officer Gary Grahn tells Hydrogen Economist
17 October 2023
ITM Power joins EU manufacturers in eyeing US market
UK-based PEM electrolyser manufacturer will start to bid for US projects following the introduction of incentives under the IRA
17 October 2023
SLB guides big industry to hydrogen future
Global technology company working closely with steel and other decarbonising industrial sectors as they start to integrate hydrogen into their processes, says Gavin Rennick, president of the firm’s New Energy business
16 October 2023
US backs seven regional hubs with $7b funding offer
DOE selects projects spanning broad range of production technologies and end-uses in its biggest hydrogen funding commitment to date
13 October 2023
Letter from Rotterdam: Somewhere over the rainbow
The ultimate prize for the low-carbon hydrogen sector is a significant share of the global energy mix, but multiple challenges stand in the way
13 October 2023
Economics of clean hydrogen and ammonia ‘very challenged’ – Aramco
Buyers in Asia reluctant to commit despite Saudi state firm being one of the lowest-cost producers
12 October 2023
HyDeal claims green hydrogen offtake at €2.5/kg
Large-scale Spanish green hydrogen hub attributes highly competitive price to production from cheap solar power
9 October 2023
Netherlands targets small projects with €250m auction
Government to launch tender next month aimed at supporting green hydrogen projects of less than 50MW
4 October 2023
Hystar plans major North America expansion
Norwegian electrolyser manufacturer says North American operations could eclipse its European business by 2030
3 October 2023
Letter on hydrogen: Caveat emptor
The use of innovative risk management techniques used in other commodity markets can help overcome the impasse between producers and offtakers that threatens to stall the hydrogen sector’s growth
27 September 2023
Germany and UK bid for ‘international leadership’ on hydrogen
Two governments sign joint declaration of intent to cooperate on driving growth of trade and investment in low-carbon hydrogen
26 September 2023
Oman turns attention to midstream
Gulf state plans pipeline network and other infrastructure to support development of large-scale hydrogen production
22 September 2023
Letter on hydrogen: Gold rush
Excitement over natural hydrogen is building, but its potential to contribute meaningfully to global supply is unclear
22 September 2023
Governments must ‘synchronise’ supply and demand goals – IEA
Imbalances between supply and demand ambitions risk derailing production growth, IEA warns
22 September 2023
Certification ‘vital’ to global hydrogen market
Hydrogen Council says new guidelines will help ensure free and fair trade of the fuel as market develops
22 September 2023
IRA uncertainty chilling hydrogen investment – Plug
Greater clarity on rules governing 45V tax credit needed to unlock investment in the US low-carbon hydrogen sector, Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh tells Hydrogen Economist
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