Author: Vincent Lauerman
The six pillars of hydrogen policy
1 December 2021
Lobby group the Hydrogen Council outlines the key policy elements needed to unlock clean hydrogen investment
Hydrogen Optimized demonstrates new electrolyser
26 November 2021
RuggedCell is a unipolar design that allows high current through a single cell, unlike conventional alkaline and PEM electrolysers
Four key actions to build Canada’s hydrogen economy – EY
15 November 2021
Low-carbon hydrogen could account for 27pc of Canada’s primary energy demand by 2050, while abating 190mn t CO₂e
Hydrogen plays to Australia’s strengths
28 October 2021
LNG project experience, proximity to Asian markets and renewable resources are in nation’s favour
Hyzon eyes technology progress
25 October 2021
New ways to model fuel cell performance could greatly improve technology, says CTO Shinichi Hirano
Cummins looks to hydrogen ICE engines
11 October 2021
Internal combustion engines powered by hydrogen regarded as interim decarbonisation solution
Green hydrogen’s desalination challenge
4 October 2021
Most green hydrogen capacity planned to 2040 is in potentially water-stressed regions, adding to project costs but not necessarily slowing deployment, says Rystad Energy
Hydrogen on track for rail freight in North America
17 September 2021
Pilot projects are replacing diesel-electric locomotives with hydrogen-electric systems
Blue hydrogen emissions claims under spotlight
14 September 2021
Assumptions of academic paper highlighting the emissions of blue hydrogen deemed inaccurate by critics
Hyzon keeps on trucking
31 August 2021
Firm is investing in production and fuelling hubs to overcome infrastructure barriers in Europe and the US
Nikola streamlines strategy to compete
23 August 2021
Hydrogen truck manufacturer refocuses on core business areas
Alberta takes early lead in blue hydrogen
18 August 2021
Natural gas resources and geology hand Canadian province advantages over other regions, minister tells Hydrogen Economist
The future of e-fuels – part two: Aviation
10 August 2021
Liquid fuel in the form of low carbon sustainable aviation fuels likely to be needed for longer-haul routes as hydrogen aircraft will be limited to short-haul over 2035-2050
The future of e-fuels – part one: Maritime shipping
3 August 2021
Price of green ammonia could fall to challenge fuel oil as capex and renewable electricity costs come down
British Columbia’s comprehensive hydrogen strategy
28 July 2021
Province commits to financial incentives and direct support for hydrogen industry and eyes potential as exporter
Hydrogen on track for passenger and freight rail
9 July 2021
Europe leads way with passenger trains while North America focuses on locomotives for freight
Canada moving on blue hydrogen
21 June 2021
Unveiling of major new projects this month signals start of push to meet clean hydrogen strategy goals
Compressed hydrogen a potential option for shipping
14 June 2021
Ships could be better-suited to short-haul voyages, offering market scalability, according to Global Energy Ventures
Hydrogen Optimized targets large-scale electrolyser market
14 May 2021
Canadian company working with ABB to develop market for its unipolar electrolysis technology
Fuel-cell competition heats up as rivals target heavy-duty mobility
10 May 2021
Diesel engine supplier Cummins emerges as significant competitor with target of $400mn electrolyser sales by 2025
The Japan-South Korea hydrogen sweepstakes
5 May 2021
Both energy-poor countries are expected to be importing blue and green hydrogen in volume by 2028-30
Canada launches first hydrogen hub
29 April 2021
Edmonton offers blueprint for future projects as Canada eyes export revenue
Proton’s potential ultra-low cost hydrogen solution
16 April 2021
The Canadian firm's process extracts hydrogen from old oil and gas wells
Fortescue bets big on green hydrogen
14 April 2021
Iron ore miner eyes massive push into renewables and clean gas production
Saudi Arabia sees Irena’s hydrogen vision
29 March 2021
Kingdom has the goal of becoming the global leader in clean hydrogen production and exports
Anglo American leads the green hydrogen mining pack
23 March 2021
Locally produced green hydrogen could be a cheaper fuel source than diesel at remote mine locations
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