PE Live Webcast: Striking the balance: How and where will oil and gas producers deploy their cash?

Join industry leaders from Deloitte to explore the effects of high energy prices on the global upstream. Amy Chronis, US Leader, Energy & Chemicals and John England, Global Leader, Energy & Chemicals will discuss how and where oil & gas producers will deploy their cash, moderated by Stanley Porter, Global Leader, Energy, Resources & Industrials.

Financial discipline and high energy prices have turned the tide for the global upstream industry. While the world underwent a big shift over the last few years, another realignment has been underway in the energy industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical developments, and underinvestment in hydrocarbons have pushed energy commodity prices to record levels, causing a readjustment in energy markets, trading relationships, organizational priorities, and broader energy market narratives.

Armed with record cash flows and favourable financial health, energy companies now have important decisions to make—where to invest, and how much. But evolving questions around energy security, diversification, and transition, and the uncertain trajectory of future energy prices are creating a “trilemma” of concerns for companies. 

Watch this PE Live Webcast in association with Deloitte to explore this topic in more detail and look to the opportunities for 2023, and beyond.

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