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China poised for rapid hydrogen demand growth
24 April 2024
Demand for energy purposes to outpace feedstock applications by the 2040s as government policies drive consumption, says DNV
Australia leads the way in Asia-Pacific hydrogen
5 February 2024
The country is at the forefront of the region’s hydrogen race, but Asia’s other major economies have big plans of their own
China plans key role for green hydrogen
30 November 2023
Production of green hydrogen and fuels from rapidly expanding renewable power sector becoming increasingly important to country’s energy strategy
China lauds Europe hydrogen policy
31 October 2023
Europe is leading the way on R&D level and development of policy framework for low-carbon hydrogen, says official of China’s State Grid Energy Research Institute
China ‘represents challenge’ to EU hydrogen economy
30 October 2023
The hydrogen economy in China is accelerating rapidly as the EU struggles to adequately capitalise its market mechanisms
China’s green hydrogen producers look overseas
25 July 2023
Weak demand at home means producers are targeting export markets and emerging demand from shipping and aviation
China seen as biggest hydrogen importer in 2030
5 July 2023
Import needs overtake Europe as its domestic production buildout lags rising demand, Deloitte modelling shows
Sinopec starts up Xinjiang mega pilot project
5 July 2023
Chinese oil and petrochemicals group says solar-powered green hydrogen facility is largest of its type in the world
European electrolyser prices ‘far above’ China’s – ETC
30 June 2023
Prices in China fall as manufacturing grows rapidly while constrained growth in Europe keeps prices at much higher levels, thinktank says
Hydrogen outlook: Africa, Asia and Canada
23 June 2023
Multiple projects, strategies and initiatives are underway throughout Africa, Asia and Canada as the transition to net-zero gains traction
China and India take diverging paths in green hydrogen transition
26 April 2023
A focus on energy security drives differing focus on role of gas in hydrogen production, while both countries are expected to be major hubs for electrolyser manufacturing
Longi wins bid to supply green ammonia megaproject
25 April 2023
The Da’an project in Jilin is expected to produce 180,000t/yr
China mulls hydrogen policy support
15 March 2023
Delegates to the country’s ‘two sessions’ raise potential bottlenecks to large-scale deployment without strengthened policy support
Hydrogen an opportunity for China’s renewables hubs
28 February 2023
Wind and solar hubs in the north of the country are planning integrated hydrogen projects amid changing demand from traditional coastal industrial customers
Sinopec launches Inner Mongolia green hydrogen project
22 February 2023
Chinese NOC to invest $828mn in project with production capacity of 30,000t/yr
Sinopec opens first methanol-to-hydrogen refuelling stations
16 February 2023
Chinese oil firm claims a 20pc cost saving compared to production, storage and transportation of pure hydrogen
John Cockerill eyes regional manufacturing bases
18 January 2023
Firm is looking to manufacture electrolysers in the EU, the Middle East, Morocco, China and North America
China pivots renewables to green hydrogen production
6 December 2022
More than 18GW of new capacity to be aimed at powering electrolysers over next five years as provincial policies drive growth, says IEA
China electrolyser demand to pick up in 2023
5 December 2022
Supply chain disruptions caused by Covid-19 and higher costs of solar PV units have created drag on hydrogen this year
China evaluates PGM hydrogen demand
30 November 2022
Alkaline systems are looking to increase PGM loadings to improve production efficiency, while PEM manufacturers are working on the opposite to cut costs
Ballard expands China presence
30 September 2022
Firm to invest $130mn in new manufacturing facility and R&D centre in Shanghai
Mid-decade project pipeline blooms
28 September 2022
Most projects in key markets are targeting startup for 2025, GEI data shows
Electrolyser capital costs could drop 30pc by 2025
23 September 2022
Cost of Chinese alkaline systems about a quarter of the price of equivalent systems in Western markets, according to survey conducted by BloombergNEF
Africa eyes China’s hydrogen truck technology
22 September 2022
Replacement of diesel trucks with fuel-cell electric vehicles in Africa offers opportunity for strategic cooperation with China
China could meet 25pc of global hydrogen demand
15 September 2022
The country is ramping up output and could produce 100-150mn t/yr by 2060, says working group of Ministry of Science and Technology
Only 20pc of hydrogen projects have reached FID
15 September 2022
Analysis of GEI data shows Europe leads the way, but the US and China are set to see rapid growth
China’s hydrogen strategy yields results
13 September 2022
A number of projects have emerged in the northwestern region of Ningxia, which has good renewable energy resources
Johnson Matthey and Sinopec agree on technology collaboration
3 August 2022
UK company and investment arm of Chinese state oil group to explore cooperation on clean hydrogen and fuel cells
Shell to develop hydrogen refuelling network in Shanghai
29 July 2022
Oil major agrees to form joint venture with local state-owned Shenergy to install up to ten stations by 2027
Sinopec drives down costs on flagship facility
14 June 2022
NOC develops integrated supply chain and stronger approach to electrolyser suppliers
China to favour hydrogen for trucking
10 June 2022
Better performance of fuel-cell vehicles compared with battery-electric models in colder weather is a significant advantage for hydrogen technology
EU firms ready to invest in Chinese transition
7 June 2022
European businesses have the technology to support China’s push for net zero, but policy uncertainty and red tape are hindering investment, says the EU Chamber of Commerce in China
EU and Japan dominate hydrogen patents
16 May 2022
China is showing increasing interest in the development of electrocatalysts that do not contain precious metals, says a report by Irena and the European Patent Office
Longi Hydrogen wins Sinopec electrolyser contract
12 May 2022
Chinese project worth $471mn aims to produce 20,000t/yr of green hydrogen from June 2023
China releases national hydrogen strategy
23 March 2022
Country aims to produce 100,000-200,000t/yr of green hydrogen by 2025
Ceres Power accelerates electrolyser investment
18 March 2022
Firm is advancing commercial partnerships and hopes to make announcements later this year
Chinese regions discuss hydrogen potential
11 March 2022
Lawmakers and political advisers have proposed options for developing China’s hydrogen economy
China studies hydrogen blending in gas network
28 February 2022
Use of existing infrastructure could open the way for hydrogen in the city gas market and enable imports via LNG terminals, according to speakers at a Shanghai event
State funding pledges for hydrogen rise sharply – BNEF
16 February 2022
Cash exceeds $100bn through 2030 and demand for clean hydrogen is expected to skyrocket this year, research firm says
China uses Winter Olympics as springboard for hydrogen
1 February 2022
Games seen as showcase for hydrogen transport ahead of industry roadmap expected from government later this year
Shell steps into commercial hydrogen production in China
28 January 2022
European energy major starts up 20MW electrolyser in joint venture with local transport company in Hebei province
Hydrogen key to China’s net-zero push – Shell
20 January 2022
Clean hydrogen can meet 16pc of the country’s final energy demand in 2060, but significant investment is needed over the next two decades, says Shell
China’s Daxing and GH2 cooperate on green hydrogen
18 January 2022
Chinese demonstration hub and international companies form alliance to drive deployment of green hydrogen globally
Ballard spins its wheels
17 December 2021
Share guidance for Ballard Power Systems was downgraded this month following uncertainties surrounding the Chinese fuel cell market
Chinese firms must integrate mobility supply chain
13 December 2021
Consortiums are needed in order to deploy solutions for government transport contracts
Chinese hydrogen projects could limit tech exports
3 December 2021
Strong domestic demand for electrolysers could slow deployment elsewhere, says panel
Hydrogen will reach diesel parity in 2025 – Sinopec
10 November 2021
Fleet operators will have compelling reason to switch to hydrogen trucks as costs continue to fall
Hydrogen to enable faster CO₂ reductions in China – IEA
29 September 2021
Total hydrogen demand increases to 31mn t/yr by 2030 and 90mn t/yr by 2060 under latest scenario
Hydrogen demand type will vary by region
22 September 2021
Some areas will require higher standards for carbon intensity and additionality of renewables used to produce green hydrogen, say panellists at Hydrogen Economist briefing
Hyzon eyes China truck market
9 September 2021
Initial order of 100 vehicles from Hongyun will be delivered before the end of 2021, with 400 to follow next year
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