Tagged With ETS
EU evaluates hydrogen auction options
10 February 2023
A number of different options for design are being evaluated by the Commission following the closure of its consultation
Put global price on carbon to drive hydrogen economy – Air Products
12 November 2021
Governments should focus their resources on promoting consumption, says CEO Seifi Ghasemi at Cop26
Remove CO₂ protection to make green hydrogen competitive – NGO
5 July 2021
Free allocations in the EU ETS means grey hydrogen producers are protected from carbon costs
Carbon border tariffs—the shape of things to come
1 April 2021
The EU is very likely to push ahead with creating a carbon border adjustment mechanism, as soon as compliance with WTO rules can be assured
ABN Amro: Green H2 could compete with gas by 2030
26 January 2021
Producing hydrogen using electrolysis is expensive, but the Dutch bank sees green hydrogen becoming cost-competitive with natural gas by the end of the decade
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