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Industry welcomes EU Hydrogen Bank rules
5 September 2023
Extension of completion period, raised ceiling price and reduction in required grant collateral will make applications easier, says Hydrogen Europe
Industry split over hydrogen refuelling targets
27 July 2023
Modelling differs on whether infrastructure will be adequate to decarbonise trucking sector
European electrolyser prices ‘far above’ China’s – ETC
30 June 2023
Prices in China fall as manufacturing grows rapidly while constrained growth in Europe keeps prices at much higher levels, thinktank says
Mideast–Europe H2 pipeline seen as feasible
28 June 2023
Gulf exporters could potentially supply Europe by pipeline at delivered cost of €2.7/kg, consultants Rina and Afry say in new analysis
EU nations reach deal on renewables target
21 June 2023
Agreement comes after the European Commission allows nuclear power to contribute to-wards target
EU leans on Germany in push for hydrogen imports
1 June 2023
German government grants all member states access to auction platform and agrees to joint procurement with EU
Permitting and regulation still a challenge for EU hydrogen
12 May 2023
Complex regulatory environment slowing development of projects, industry players tell conference
Europe to lose two-thirds of storage capacity in hydrogen conversion
10 May 2023
Hydrogen’s lower energy content per cubic metre compared with natural gas will have major implications for the European energy system, RAG CEO tells Hydrogen Economist
EU sets 70pc SAF target by 2050
26 April 2023
Deal includes subtargets for synthetic fuels
Europe must ‘change gear’ on hydrogen support – Hy24
21 April 2023
Investment fund calls for coordinated efforts by EU member states to build out refuelling networks and accelerate uptake of hydrogen in heavy-duty transport
EU hydrogen policy mired in complexity
19 April 2023
The EU’s policy regime is designed to stimulate both the supply of and demand for hydrogen, but may end up discouraging the corporate appetite for the risk needed to get to FID
EU considers funding for Ukraine hydrogen valleys
11 April 2023
Proposed production hubs could generate up to 220,000t/yr of hydrogen starting from 2027. But ongoing war and attacks on energy infrastructure may be a barrier to development
EU proposes €4/kg subsidy cap for green hydrogen auction
4 April 2023
Bidding developers must have pre-contractual arrangements in place with offtaker, equipment manufacturer and lender, as well as a ten-year renewable PPA, European Commission says in consultation
EU agrees transport and industrial use target for hydrogen
30 March 2023
Provisional deal on Renewable Energy Directive mandates 42pc of hydrogen for industrial use to be green and 1pc of renewable fuels for transport to be RFNBOs
European Council adopts hydrogen infrastructure position
30 March 2023
Proposed hydrogen and gas markets package includes creation of new body for hydrogen network operators
EU mandates hydrogen refuelling stations by end-2030
28 March 2023
Member states are required to prepare deployment plans by 2027 to support hydrogen-powered road mobility
Certifhy seeks EU approval for certification scheme
24 March 2023
If approved, certificates will be a tool for producers to prove hydrogen and its derivatives were produced in compliance with EU criteria
European electrolyser manufacturers in US gold rush
21 March 2023
Hydrogenpro and Nel have announced major investments into US manufacturing capacity, although Europe offers firm orders and revamped support
EU sets out hydrogen support strategy
17 March 2023
The European Commission has released further details of its upcoming pilot auction, as well as unveiling new proposals to localise and diversify hydrogen supply chains
EU green hydrogen rules an equivalency headache for exporters
22 February 2023
The bloc’s delegated acts provide more investor certainty for projects within or planning to export to the bloc, but questions remain over how the criteria will be applied across varying energy markets
EU rules still limit green hydrogen growth
15 February 2023
Long-delayed delegated acts have been welcomed by the industry, but strict criteria may require governments to help close price gap
EU sets out final draft of renewable hydrogen rules
13 February 2023
European Commission softens criteria for grid-derived hydrogen and extends deadline for hourly matching to renewables to kick in from 2030
EU evaluates hydrogen auction options
10 February 2023
A number of different options for design are being evaluated by the Commission following the closure of its consultation
EIB backs Indian green hydrogen
9 February 2023
The EU’s lending arm plans to increase support for hubs and projects across India with indicative funding of €1bn
Hydrogen key to long-duration storage – Entsoe
7 February 2023
European power grid operators are exploring hydrogen as a potential route for seasonal energy storage
EU to hold €800mn hydrogen auction
2 February 2023
The bloc will award projects with a fixed premium per kilogram of renewable hydrogen produced
EU policy delay a greater risk than US competition – HH2E
1 February 2023
Wait for publication of Red II and its definition of what can be classed as ‘green’ hydrogen is the biggest hurdle for European projects, German developer tells Hydrogen Economist
European industry upbeat on Inflation Reduction Act
31 January 2023
Companies on the continent have taken a leading position along the value chain for potential US projects, while the EU readies a ramp-up in policy support
North Sea green hydrogen pipeline project progresses
25 January 2023
Developers Fluxys and Gascade apply for EU PCI status for Aquaductus pipeline
EU ups hydrogen spend
20 January 2023
The bloc has awarded funding to hydrogen projects and opened a call for proposals for €195mn in grants
John Cockerill eyes regional manufacturing bases
18 January 2023
Firm is looking to manufacture electrolysers in the EU, the Middle East, Morocco, China and North America
Masdar targets European market via Amsterdam
13 January 2023
UAE renewables developer and Dutch firms agree to explore options to supply liquid hydrogen and LOHC through key European port
EU and Japan lead on hydrogen patents
12 January 2023
The US has lost ground in number of hydrogen patents published over the past decade
EU must not dilute hydrogen network deployment
14 December 2022
Targets on deployment as set by the European Parliament are vital to the rollout of hydrogen trucks, industry bodies say
Europe’s ammonia import plans need FIDs fast
1 December 2022
Quicker action will be required for the EU to hit its ambitious import targets
Aviation could be major source of demand
14 November 2022
EU targets on SAF will require significant volumes of hydrogen
Green hydrogen ‘competitive with grey’ in EU
26 October 2022
Cost of green hydrogen production will continue to fall as renewable energy and electrolyser costs come down, says Hydrogen Europe report
Nel increases US focus
20 October 2022
Passing of Inflation Reduction Act has already led to two of the firm’s largest-ever orders
EU policy uncertainty still hampering projects
12 October 2022
Investors calling for clarity on European regulation and alignment of bloc-wide and national hydrogen strategies
EU hydrogen cars can refuel every 100km – MEPs
4 October 2022
Opinion of Transport and Tourism Committee makes initial Commission proposal more ambitious as EU looks to develop hydrogen refuelling network
EU approves €5.2bn state aid for hydrogen projects
22 September 2022
Second wave of projects approved under IPCEI scheme covers 3.5GW of electrolysers
MEPs loosen green hydrogen production criteria
15 September 2022
Amendment would allow renewable hydrogen to be produced from the grid if producers secure PPAs for renewable energy
EU to create €3bn hydrogen bank
14 September 2022
Institution will guarantee purchases of hydrogen using resources from the EU’s Innovation Fund
Renewables access challenges EU green hydrogen growth
13 September 2022
Access to additional renewable power and ammonia import capacity could constrain EU green hydrogen growth, Japanese bank MUFG tells Hydrogen Economist forum
Greenhyscale looks to provide CO₂ transparency
9 September 2022
Project developers plan to provide customers with detailed information on how ‘green’ the hydrogen it produces is
Hydrogen trucks ‘need policy support’
7 September 2022
Policies across four phases of deployment are needed if the total cost of ownership for fleets of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles is to reach parity with diesel fleets
Energy firms object to EU 2035 CCU cutoff clause
23 August 2022
Delegated acts on hydrogen are looking to phase out CCU provisions in RFNBOs too early, according to consultation responses
EU approves state aid to Hy2tech
15 July 2022
Pan-European technology innovation project is first hydrogen IPCEI to gain European Commission approval
Dutch hydrogen projects win EU backing
15 July 2022
Developments by Shell, RWE and Air Liquide among 17 to share €1.8bn awarded by EU Innovation Fund
MEPs double EU hydrogen transport goal
14 July 2022
European Parliament’s industry committee wants 5.7pc share of renewable fuels in the transport sector by 2030
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