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Cummins makes headway in hydrogen
5 February 2021
Heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturer is making inroads into electrolyser and fuel-cell markets
The ‘time is now’ for hydrogen – Baker Hughes AM 2021
2 February 2021
A clean-molecule solution is needed for hard-to-abate sectors and cost-competitiveness is within sight
California’s H2 vehicle market swayed by countervailing forces
26 January 2021
New state funding should help fuel-cell vehicles reduce the huge sales gap with battery electric equivalents—if national tax credits are reinstated
Defiant Nikola vows to bounce back
22 January 2021
The founding CEO quit the hydrogen fuel cell truck maker amid claims of fraud, but development work continues and it claims its first vehicles will roll off the production line in Q4
Proton Motor seeks growth through joint ventures
22 January 2021
German manufacturer Proton Motor Fuel Cell sets its sights even higher after a strong year of building partnerships with companies such as Shell