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Hydrogen fuel a ‘dead end’ for net zero
25 January 2023
The fuel is expensive, inefficient and associated with worse environmental impacts than other options when it comes to heating and transport, argues Hydrogen Science Coalition
UK’s first public hydrogen blending trials completed
17 August 2022
Northern Gas Networks to pass results of Gateshead trials to government ahead of final policy decision on blending in 2023
UK grid operator calls for clarity on hydrogen demand
18 July 2022
Government must deliver demand strategy to match its hydrogen supply target, National Grid says
No big shift to hydrogen likely in UK heating – Octopus
8 June 2022
Heat pumps likely to win out in household heating as cost of hydrogen will hold it back, CEO of green hydrogen company tells First Element conference
Buildings sector ‘not suited’ to hydrogen
1 April 2022
Study argues green hydrogen would be better used for applications that have no alternative decarbonisation pathways, such as heavy industry
Modern Electron targets heating sector with pyrolysis technology
24 February 2022
Proprietary turquoise hydrogen technology to launch in early 2023, Seattle-based company says
Hydrogen UK criticises MPs’ heating committee
4 February 2022
Trade association says members puzzled by report’s failure to review hydrogen as low-carbon option
UK low-carbon heating bubbles under
28 January 2022
The UK faces challenges on multiple fronts in its effort to decarbonise domestic heating
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