Tagged With Regulation
US needs regulatory certainty for hydrogen pipelines
25 January 2023
Current system ‘the single biggest impediment’ to developing hydrogen connections, industry insiders say
Hydrogen contracts to differ from LNG
8 December 2021
Take-or-pay contracts and destination clauses will be hard to implement in hydrogen market
The six pillars of hydrogen policy
1 December 2021
Lobby group the Hydrogen Council outlines the key policy elements needed to unlock clean hydrogen investment
Uniper warns of hydrogen safety backlash
24 November 2021
Industry and governments must reassure public or risk loss of momentum at critical phase of development, senior executive tells panel
GH2 aims to develop global standard for green hydrogen
5 November 2021
Industry group calls on stakeholders to join meeting in Geneva in December to start defining green hydrogen standards
US lawmakers consider regulatory framework for hydrogen transport
29 October 2021
Observers are concerned further action is needed to clarify and enhance regulations for transporting hydrogen
Low-carbon hydrogen standards will help emissions debate
21 September 2021
Recent debate over environmental credibility of blue hydrogen could be solved by clear and enforceable standards, says panel at Hydrogen Economist briefing
Hydrogen legislation must not be too prescriptive
2 July 2021
Finding the right balance between regulation and the market will be vital to ensure growth of hydrogen economy
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