Data to Digital Twin: Extracting the most value across your projects and plants

Digital twin strategies have been topping industrial trend lists for the past 5+ years, and are now well underway at leading companies around the world. Beyond the buzzword, a digital replica of the physical plant can take many forms based on the data it’s comprised of, the ways in which it is leveraged, and by whom.

Join on-demand Greg Pada, Portfolio Director, Aveva and Petroleum Economist for a 1-hour session where he shared prime opportunities for extracting real value from Digital Twins at the various phases of your asset’s lifecycle – from capital projects through to operations and maintenance – and practical steps you can take today to start your digital twin journey with the data you already have. In the presentation, Greg focused on:

1.    Clarifying the definition of a Digital Twin and what value clients are seeking from them; 
2.    Discussing the states of digital maturity expected along a digital twin roadmap; and 
3.    Looking at how asset data becomes such a pivotal element of the digital twin and how operators are creating that asset data. 

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