Tagged With Kevin O’Reilly
Oil trading’s biggest bust – MG: The death spiral and aftermath
7 February 2023
Kevin O’Reilly concludes the cautionary tale of the German conglomerate’s overreach with what went very, very wrong
Oil trading’s biggest bust – MG: Enter Arthur Benson
3 February 2023
Kevin O’Reilly continues his three-part account of the hobbling of a German industrial giant with the arrival of the story’s central figure
Oil trading’s biggest bust – MG: What started to go wrong?
2 February 2023
Kevin O’Reilly, with 27 years commodity trading experience, dives into one of the most compelling tales of how not to hedge your risks in the first of a three-part series
Do we need to repeal Dodd-Frank to save the commodity markets?
12 April 2022
A return of banks to commodity markets could ease the current crisis
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