Cleveland Jones

Cleveland Jones is technical director and partner at Fronteira Energia, a consultant, and researcher at Instituto Nacional de Oleo e Gas/CNPq, State University of Rio de Janeiro

Latest Articles From Cleveland Jones
13 July 2022
Europe must think outside the box on energy independence
Unquestionably, Europe is in a bind. And it may need to be a lot more innovative than its previous blinkered approach to achieve the necessary short-term wins
8 February 2022
Letter from South America: Brazil leads the way
Brazil stands out from the rest of the continent in terms of growth potential
20 December 2021
Meeting the oil and gas supply gap
The world has no lack of recoverable oil and gas resources. But where they will come from in the future will change
9 November 2021
Eliminating fossil fuel subsidies
Increased fiscal pressures and net-zero carbon pledges should pave the way to permanently phase out subsidies
7 October 2021
Brazil fails to prevent energy crisis
Government inaction and rapidly changing climate have combined to highlight the importance of diversifying the country’s energy mix
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