30 November 2023
Europe’s gas security strategy may not be 2024 ready
The region’s rapidly evolving infrastructure has a lot to be commended for, but some of the capacity may not be ready in time for the 2024 heating season
30 November 2023
Letter from India: Prosperity and sustainability make uneasy bedfellows
Burgeoning middle class and long-term growth from a low base at odds with energy transition efforts
28 November 2023
Letter from Pakistan: More oil and gas needed, not less
Countries such as Pakistan will require fossil fuels for a long time to come, requiring a reframing of the narrative around the energy transition
28 November 2023
LNG freight must navigate chokepoints and bottlenecks
Rising LNG demand and supply risks are outpacing shipping logistics amid Panama and newbuild challenges
27 November 2023
Chevron deal energises the Bakken
The major’s acquisition deal could keep oil production in the mature play going for longer
27 November 2023
‘Peace pipeline’ appears dead
Fresh opposition from the US looks likely to be the final nail in the coffin for the long-delayed Iran-Pakistan connection
23 November 2023
Oil India sets ambitious drilling target
The state-owned firm will drill 60 wells in the current financial year as India strives to reduce its import dependence
23 November 2023
Petchems Report: Oil’s understated driver of long-term demand
Ethylene is forecast to account for a substantial market share in the petrochemical industry
22 November 2023
Testing times for Ecuador’s new president
Security concerns and environmental opposition to oil and gas drilling pile pressure on new leader’s truncated first term
21 November 2023
India’s diesel love affair continues
Demand for the fuel is poised for further growth, but government regulation and changing habits could eventually undermine its primacy
20 November 2023
Petchems Report: US a petchems hotbed while Europe struggles
Low-cost ethane has made the US a premier destination for petchems investments, while in Europe the industry faces economic headwinds
17 November 2023
WCS to arrive on the global stage
New pipeline capacity may transform the role of Canada’s key heavy sour crude and its price after a few false dawns
17 November 2023
Mozambique LNG targets 2028 start-up – TotalEnergies
The gas-rich country continues to attract interest, despite security challenges
16 November 2023
US upstream shows restraint
The disciplined spending trend seen in 2023 is likely to continue into 2024
16 November 2023
Petchems Report: Middle East makes most of feedstock advantage
Industrialisation and urbanization will drive the region’s petchems production as it makes the most of abundant feedstock, while Africa also looks to expand capacity
13 November 2023
Petchems Report: Asia ramps up petchems production
India and China are both looking to substantially boost their petchems capacities out to 2030
13 November 2023
Nigeria grapples with oil theft surge
The end of government fuel subsidies has spurred the theft of even more crude to feed the country’s illegal refineries
10 November 2023
Muted winter LNG outlook for NE Asia
Seasonal temperatures will prove critical, but the LNG demand prospects for China, Japan and South Korea are currently soft
9 November 2023
Qatar ramps up LNG marketing as NFE work begins
Construction of the world’s largest-ever LNG export project is underway, but it has a long way to go to secure deals for 48mt/yr of new capacity
8 November 2023
US oil and gas has high hopes for new Speaker
ESG reporting standards and spending and subsidy provisions in the IRA among the priorities for the sector
6 November 2023
Nigeria adapts to end of fuel subsidies
The withdrawal of discounts has already severely impacted domestic product demand and bolstered long-stalled refinery refurbishment projects
6 November 2023
IEA and OPEC diverge on oil outlook
There is a gulf between the two bodies when it comes to their medium-term forecasts
3 November 2023
Tamboran pursues Northern Territory gas ambitions
The Beetaloo Basin is a gas-rich shale play
2 November 2023
Oil price of $80–95/bl could be new normal in 2024
OPEC+ is prepared to defend $80/bl, but economic weakness and potential supply kept off the market will likely limit any upside as consumers acclimatise to higher prices, says Saxo Bank’s Ole Hansen
2 November 2023
Libya’s upstream promise still hamstrung by instability
But the troubled north African nation is not short of international investment interest
1 November 2023
Venezuela’s limited oil sanctions relief
Washington’s move to ease restrictions on Caracas will likely have a more meaningful impact on US refiners than global crude markets
31 October 2023
Refining Report: American refiners target biofuels
Biofuels are leading the way in the US as the region looks to the future with renewable fuels
31 October 2023
Alaska’s tentative upstream revival
The war in Ukraine has given new impetus to oil and gas projects in the US’ most northerly state, but two proposed LNG projects may still struggle to reach FID
27 October 2023
Chevron Australia averts renewed strikes
But the gas markets remain jittery amid a range of other risk factors
25 October 2023
China stalls on Power of Siberia 2
Beijing appears willing to use Moscow’s isolation to its advantage
24 October 2023
Nigerian companies assume growing oil and gas sector role
Law firm Olaniwun Ajayi grants Petroleum Economist detailed insight into Nigeria’s changing oil and gas landscape
23 October 2023
Refining Report: Major projects under way in Middle East
Countries in the region are expanding plants and building grassroots facilities, with countries in Africa keen to cut their fuel import bills
20 October 2023
Papua LNG targets 2024 FID
The Pacific nation’s second liquefaction development will overlap significantly with the existing PNG LNG project
20 October 2023
China gas policy focuses on energy security
The revised Gas Utilisation Policy refines Beijing’s policies for a market that has doubled in size since 2012
18 October 2023
US LNG expansion bolsters Europe, but risks remain
The US continues to play an increasingly pivotal role in the LNG market, but short- and medium-term risks and uncertainties persist
17 October 2023
The Russian price cap myth
It is time to stop pretending that there is a ‘price cap’ on Russian petroleum exports
17 October 2023
Energy Council sees worsening underinvestment in oil and gas
But CEO Miller says surge in Middle East and Asia funding, creative solutions and ‘nuanced’ approach to transition offer hope
16 October 2023
The Trans Mountain fiasco
A recent decision by Canada’s energy regulator will see the pipeline’s expansion project avoid yet more additional costs, but it remains blighted by poor economics
16 October 2023
Letter from the US: OPEC+ faces US merger threat
The ‘megaproducers’ on the rise following ExxonMobil deal will be less susceptible to OPEC pressure
13 October 2023
ExxonMobil deal will transform shale and beyond
The major’s $60bn Pioneer purchase signals long-term view of oil demand and a mature consolidated shale industry
12 October 2023
Refining Report: EU’s net-zero goals boost biofuels
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has upended trade flows in the region, while Europe’s net-zero commitments have boosted biofuels investment
12 October 2023
Thai oil production poised for modest rebound
Efforts by independents and NOC PTTEP will help boost production this year, but the sector is increasingly mature
12 October 2023
The Gulf Energy Information Excellence Awards 2023 winners
The 2023 Gulf Energy Information Excellence Awards was held on Wednesday evening at the Post Oak Hotel in Houston, Texas
11 October 2023
Letter from the UAE: A Goldilocks oil price?
OPEC’s calls for higher prices to lure investment stand at odds with consumer nations’ difficulties with inflation and high energy costs
9 October 2023
Timing is all on India's fuel price cuts
With elections looming, the government must decide when to take the sting out of high oil prices
9 October 2023
Refining Report: Asia sees major capacity buildout
The region is the global leader in active refining projects, with most based in India and China
9 October 2023
Tellurian eyes first LNG late 2027
The integrated developer remains bullish despite previous delays
5 October 2023
Refining Report: Biofuels lead the way
Gasoline and diesel demand set to stagnate but biofuels production due to expand significantly to 2030
5 October 2023
Longboat splits attention between Norway and Malaysia
CEO Helge Hammer speaks to Petroleum Economist about the company’s recent activities and its expansion plans
3 October 2023
Gas remains the workhorse of the Texas grid
Much has been made about the expansion of wind and solar power, but in the hottest days of August, Texans depended on gas to avert rolling blackouts
29 September 2023
Letter from Calgary: World’s energy contradictions in microcosm
This year’s WPC laid bare the dilemma facing the energy industry and the world at large, with warnings about the dangers of underinvestment in fossil fuels given the immaturity of alternatives
28 September 2023
Libya targets 2m b/d oil before 2030
Oil minister Oun sends out cautiously optimistic message on oil and gas outlook and says pilot project ready to unlock huge shale reserves key to further growth
27 September 2023
Asian gas industry group counts on rising demand
Regional industry body ANGEA remains bullish about Asia's adoption of gas and LNG, despite elevated prices and logistical challenges
26 September 2023
How the Yom Kippur war changed OPEC
Half a century after the 1973 conflict, the world is dramatically different. But OPEC’s power remains
26 September 2023
Appalachia’s gas faces infrastructure challenge
Bottlenecks continue to constrain gas-rich Appalachia, and relief may not be in the pipeline
22 September 2023
Letter from Stockholm: Lundin trial could set corporate precedent
Former executives and a successor company are accused of complicity in Sudanese war crimes in what is now South Sudan
21 September 2023
Refinery delays contribute to Abuja’s fuel challenge
Nigeria’s downstream status quo changed forever with the end of fuel subsidies, but the flagship Dangote refinery has still yet to start operations
20 September 2023
Canada’s west coast LNG projects gain momentum
Geographical position, long-term demand and decarbonisation efforts continue to support the region’s burgeoning LNG sector
19 September 2023
Hong Kong looks to LNG to cut emissions
The special administrative region has introduced the fuel as part of its drive for carbon neutrality, but it will take years for imports to ramp up
18 September 2023
Malaysia LNG faces growing gas supply challenges
Pipeline problems, maturing fields, gas quality issues and territorial disputes threaten to erode Malaysia’s LNG exports
18 September 2023
US shale response to oil price boost may be muted
Behind the rig count data lie differences between public and private operators, acreage questions, the lure of returns and unwavering capital discipline
14 September 2023
Uruguay-focused independent upbeat on farm-in deal
AIM-listed Challenger is seeking partners to help develop its licences off the coast of Uruguay
13 September 2023
Brent without Brent: The role of North Sea oil in global prices
The inclusion of WTI Midland in the Brent benchmark has boosted volumes, but with Brent blend taking a backseat, why not just use WTI as the global benchmark?
12 September 2023
Letter from Singapore: Beware oil investment’s death rattle
High prices are no longer a guarantee for increased investment in oil projects despite the warnings of an energy crunch
11 September 2023
The oil market’s new polymorphism
From crude flows to oil prices, S&P Global Commodity Insights highlights the market’s ability to overcome adversity, albeit with costs involved
11 September 2023
Arc of instability threatens Sahel’s upstream, pipeline ambitions
Coups and geopolitical rivalries complicate energy projects in the expansive region
8 September 2023
LNG market braces for Australian strikes
Significant capacity is affected, but the market impact may prove limited
7 September 2023
Markets facing distillate squeeze
Crude production cuts and refinery outages mean high prices are looming for heating oil and diesel this winter, and greater shale output will do little to help
7 September 2023
Karpowership charts unique course
The floating power station specialist discusses its plans in South Africa and elsewhere
5 September 2023
Have India’s imports of Russian crude peaked?
Russia has leapfrogged Mideast sources to become India’s largest supplier, but flows may be poised to plateau
1 September 2023
Brazilian upstream enjoys bumper year
Soaring pre-salt production sees Latin America’s largest country pull away from the local competition
31 August 2023
Southeast Asia embraces LNG
Vietnam and the Philippines lay down a marker for the region’s growth prospects with new import terminals
31 August 2023
Maurel & Prom acquires independent Assala
The French firm confirms its position in Gabon
30 August 2023
Energy crisis resets expectations for Asia-Pacific LNG demand
Reliability and affordability key in price-sensitive Asian market amid renewed global dependency on natural gas
30 August 2023
Asia’s LNG approach evolves
Asia learns energy security lessons after counting the costs from the destination flexibility of LNG
29 August 2023
LNG industry’s faith unwavering on Asian demand
The number of supply projects under construction around the world suggests developers and buyers believe in decades of future growth
29 August 2023
Asia’s quest for low-emission LNG
Appetite among the region’s buyers for LNG that can demonstrate low greenhouse gas emissions amid recognition of long-term fossil fuels role
25 August 2023
Gas remains crucial to Southeast Asia’s energy balancing act
The fuel will have a continuing role to play as the region seeks to balance growing energy demand with targets to reduce emissions
25 August 2023
Pavilion Energy: Fuelling ambitions for a sustainable energy future
Singapore-based global energy merchant has taken a fundamental first step towards decarbonisation by encouraging its suppliers to document their greenhouse gas emissions
25 August 2023
Lack of oil and gas investment could be serious issue, warns IEF’s McMonigle
Secretary General believes linear and ideal forms of energy transition will be difficult to achieve especially with false narratives around peak oil demand
24 August 2023
Gas prices continue to burden European industry
Almost a year-and-a-half after Russia invaded Ukraine, elevated gas prices continue to impact the competitiveness of European industry, especially relative to the US
23 August 2023
US Gulf continues to refine hurricane response
Another Atlantic hurricane season is well underway and expected to peak in September, while the oil and gas industry on the US Gulf Coast continues to watch the weather with caution
23 August 2023
Aramco’s Nasser says energy security and sustainability can co-exist
But CEO says prematurely discontinuing investments in fossil fuels threatens serious supply shortfalls and may be counterproductive to energy transition
22 August 2023
Shipping shrugs off Hormuz Strait incidents
Despite contradictory claims of increased tensions in Mideast Gulf waters and possible rapprochement between the US and Iran, the situation appears business as usual for freight
21 August 2023
African lenders back Angolan refinery
Efforts by African institutions and others to push development in the continent appear to be gaining momentum
21 August 2023
Letter from Nigeria: New leader delivers shock therapy
President Tinubu has already targeted major reforms at the country’s dysfunctional downstream and upstream sectors, as well as overhauling monetary policy
21 August 2023
US SPR squeezes Saudi economy
Action by consuming governments has shown they can significantly affect oil prices and put a spoke in OPEC’s wheels
18 August 2023
Europe’s gas pivot and Asian demand boost global midstream
Europe has been hastily building out LNG and pipeline capacity since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while demand is rising in Asia
18 August 2023
Forecasts of oil sands’ demise greatly exaggerated
Canadian regulator the CER’s Global Net-Zero scenario paints a gloomy picture for the oil sands, but the analysis may be fundamentally flawed
17 August 2023
Kosmos unfazed by Greater Tortue Ahmeyim delay
Postponement of large LNG project does not seem to have derailed Kosmos’ expansion or capex plans
16 August 2023
Letter from Latin America: Wider woes fail to derail Argentine shale
Battered by multiple economic headaches, Argentina is looking towards the Vaca Muerta as a potential lifeline
15 August 2023
Explorers return to Libya despite fragile security
Peace means progress for Libya’s upstream, but disruption is never far away
14 August 2023
Reality bites for global climate ambitions
Real-world trends for rising oil use in the developing world cast increasing doubt on lofty emissions goals
14 August 2023
Consensus forms behind rising crude prices
Saudi cuts and slowing US output add to improved demand outlook
11 August 2023
US SPR faces existential crisis
As the 50th anniversary of the Arab oil embargo approaches, policymakers gripped by energy security fears must start rethinking the purpose of emergency oil stocks
10 August 2023
Optimism despite setbacks in NL offshore
The province’s government remains positive about the future of its offshore industry despite recent difficulties
9 August 2023
Shifting sands alter balance of power in Middle East
The region’s political situation and internal relationships are changing amid the growing influence of Russia and China
8 August 2023
Oil market poised for China showdown
China puts the strategic in SPR as it looks to utilise record oil storage
7 August 2023
Eni banks on gas for transition future
The Italian major continues to reorientate its portfolio to focus on gas
4 August 2023
Afentra continues Angolan portfolio expansion
The UK independent sees Block 3/05 as key to its growth ambitions in Angola’s maturing upstream
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