3 December 2021
North Sea independents aim to reap carbon footprint benefits
Two of the basin’s larger producers consider ways to cash in on relatively greener production
3 December 2021
Southeast Asian NOCs take different paths
Petronas, PTT and Pertamina are pursuing divergent strategies after coming to dominate the region’s upstream in recent years
3 December 2021
Aramco back to petchems drawing board
The Saudi heavyweight’s international downstream expansion strategy will need another reboot
2 December 2021
Outlook 2022: A ‘just’ energy transition for Africa
The move towards a more sustainable energy mix must not penalise the continent
2 December 2021
Aramco’s domestic petchems path remains bumpy
The firm still faces challenges balancing economics with politics
2 December 2021
Colombian upstream kicks through the gears
Prospects look bright for 2022 as bullish companies predict production growth and exploration activity
2 December 2021
Letter from Mexico: Mexico plays catch-up
The country’s upstream strategy seems at odds with reality and will require an about-turn if there is any hope of meeting its production targets
1 December 2021
Indian government seeks energy investors
Delhi is looking to the Mideast for energy investment, oil ministry secretary Tarun Kapoor tells Petroleum Economist
30 November 2021
Letter from Canada: Time for Biden to end hypocrisy
The US president talks the talk on urgent decarbonisation, but cannot ignore bilateral midstream dispute between Michigan and Canada
30 November 2021
Pre-salt fuelling Petrobras’ upstream ambitions
The offshore region is poised to significantly ramp up production as more midstream gas infrastructure reaches startup and divestments keep coming
30 November 2021
Sturgeon omits Cambo from conference speech
No mention of the potential UKCS development in Scottish leader’s address to her party
30 November 2021
Outlook 2022: Russia plays catch-up
The Eurasian giant has announced an aggressive decarbonisation plan while striving to relieve Europe’s power crunch
29 November 2021
Investors unfazed by Vietnamese challenges
Foreign companies are enthusiastic about Vietnam’s LNG prospects, but risks persist
29 November 2021
Deals booming in the Haynesville
Strong global gas prospects and high-quality inventory are driving a big swing in M&A activity in the basin
29 November 2021
Outlook 2022: Fossil fuels still have generation role to play
Extreme price volatility as electricity systems adapt to greater intermittent renewable penetration serves as a reminder of the role legacy assets still have to play
29 November 2021
Repsol trusts in AI
The company’s upstream digital strategy is increasingly turning to machine-learning and AI capabilities
29 November 2021
Outlook 2022: Middle East and Asia joined at the hip
Greening strategies in the east are creating strong prospects for states to increase gas exports
29 November 2021
Driving digital innovation at a global scale
Adoption of proactive technologies will be crucial for the oil and gas sector to meet its decarbonisation goals while staying financially competitive
26 November 2021
Jera plans winter LNG stock build
The Japanese LNG buyer is looking to avoid a repeat of last year’s supply crunch
26 November 2021
Basra-Aqaba pipeline talks hint at conclusion
Nearly 30 years since the original agreement, Iraq’s route to the Red Sea may be in sight
25 November 2021
Delta goes private with Vietnamese LNG project
The firm’s LNG-to-power development will be the first in Vietnam to be fully privately owned
25 November 2021
Outlook 2022: A ‘just’ or ‘just in time’ transition for the UK North Sea?
For over 200 hundred years, the world has relied on fossil fuels for affordable, reliable energy. How does it get to an economy based on greener energy without triggering an adverse reaction?
25 November 2021
Letter from China: China clings to coal
The fuel is too strategically important for China to give it up entirely
24 November 2021
All eyes on Opec+ after Biden’s SPR gamble
How the cartel reacts to record release of barrels is the key variable for oil markets
24 November 2021
Confronting the AI skills shortage
The pace of digital adoption is only going to accelerate in the oil and gas sector, but much more needs to be done to entice talent
23 November 2021
Oil sands producers keep the reins tight
No extravagant spending is planned ahead of a capital-intensive push towards a lower carbon footprint
23 November 2021
Chinese policy limits refining sector growth
The country’s refining capacity will peak below a government-set cap
23 November 2021
Pemex running out of time
The state-controlled heavyweight may miss its 2021 upstream target despite downgrading original guidance
23 November 2021
Outlook 2022: Mind the financing gap
Sources of capital for supply to meet future oil and gas demand are evolving
22 November 2021
Adnoc doubles down on petrochemicals
Global decarbonisation pressures notwithstanding, the Emirati giant is determined to extract maximum residual value from its crude oil endowment
22 November 2021
China’s winter gas outlook remains cloudy
Government policies and unpredictable weather patterns mean supply and demand will be on a knife edge
22 November 2021
Pivoting to green through AI adoption
Greater digital maturity will be an important factor in the race to cut emissions and shift to lower-carbon energy
22 November 2021
Outlook 2022: US bipartisanship and regional divergence
The North American powerhouse will need to develop several energy transitions to green its economy, but has taken important baby steps
18 November 2021
Vietnam poised to join LNG importers club
At least one, and potentially two, regasification terminals are due to come online next year
18 November 2021
Australian developers scale up investments
High prices bolster Australian upstream developments
18 November 2021
Outlook 2022: The energy transition – the pendulum swings, with unintended consequences
Change can bring volatility. And there is significant change ahead
18 November 2021
Europe’s major gas suppliers in war of words
Russia and Norway take divergent views on how to tackle current price volatility
18 November 2021
Tullow exits Suriname
The Anglo-Irish independent continues to refocus on key assets
16 November 2021
YPF targets Vaca Muerta upsurge
In the wake of positive financials, the Argentinian operator is lifting capex spend and is bullish on barrels
16 November 2021
Flaring risk for Hurricane
Too much gas could accelerate decommissioning of key remaining asset
16 November 2021
Bangladesh to deepen LNG reliance
The Asian country is looking for foreign investors to build a second regasification terminal
16 November 2021
Outlook 2022: Zero-carbon shipping needs significant R&D investment
The shipping industry is charting its own course to decarbonisation
15 November 2021
RWE keeps German LNG door open
Utility still sees at least a short-term need for gas even as Vopak steps back from proposed import terminal
15 November 2021
Jera increases stake in Freeport LNG
Japanese joint venture to buy share in the project’s operating company
15 November 2021
Outlook 2022: China’s mixed messages and changing paradigm
The Asian giant may need to increase coal supply to outlast the winter, but it is clearly greening its long-term energy policy
12 November 2021
Tullow Oil expands Ghana ownership
The Anglo-Irish independent will pre-empt former partner's divestment
11 November 2021
US independents stick to the script
Shale producers are cautiously eyeing Opec+ before lifting capex while substantially trimming hedging
11 November 2021
Santos-Oil Search merger advances
Papuan court approval sees the deal pass another milestone
11 November 2021
Outlook 2022: European IOCs lead decarbonisation race
The region’s foremost operators are frontrunners in the global shift to lower-carbon energy
10 November 2021
LNG industry urges carbon offset caution
The sector must curb emissions, not merely rely on offsets
9 November 2021
Norwegian independents diverge on Barents
Aker BP gives up on Arctic exploration, but Lundin expands its presence
9 November 2021
Eliminating fossil fuel subsidies
Increased fiscal pressures and net-zero carbon pledges should pave the way to permanently phase out subsidies
9 November 2021
Letter from Africa: The path to net zero requires LNG
Africa’s unique energy access challenges mean LNG will be an essential bridging fuel for the transition
8 November 2021
Pertamina targets refinery upgrade by end-2024
Indonesian NOC on track to complete Balikpapan expansion on schedule
8 November 2021
Kuwait on defensive over capacity decline
KPC chief claims remediation is just around the corner, but his assessment appears improbably upbeat
5 November 2021
Mozambique signs LNG-to-power deal
Project sees growing domestic role for Mozambican gas
4 November 2021
Outlook 2022: The future of oil majors in the energy transition
The big oil and gas companies are faced with the prospect of losing a large part of their market as the world transitions away from fossil fuels. Can they carve out a positive role for themselves?
4 November 2021
US majors target Permian cash cow
Lower 48 production in the Texas and New Mexico shale play is poised to generate a mountain of cash over the next half-decade
4 November 2021
Opec+ sticks to its guns
The cartel opts not to spring any surprise by swifter loosening of the supply shackles
4 November 2021
Fixing the price… of commodity pricing
Historians believe humans have used some sort of money for buying and selling for more than 30,000 years and, over those 30 millennia, our methods of establishing value for these transactions have evolved. In the digital age, commodity prices should be no different
4 November 2021
Outlook 2022: NOCs face difficult transition
State-sponsored oil companies will either sink or swim as the energy transition gathers pace
2 November 2021
Cop26 leaders back South Africa’s energy transition
An international partnership will support the country’s decarbonisation plans, world leaders announced at the Cop26 conference on Tuesday
2 November 2021
Southeast Asia’s pathway unclear
Rising demand and a legacy of coal-fired developments could hinder the energy transition in the region
2 November 2021
Letter from Africa: West African deepwater developers face FPSO choice
Decision may prove critical to the viability of the next tranche of regional projects
1 November 2021
Eni unit set to join the European retail gas LNG exodus
Questions are being asked about the continent’s gas suppliers in the wake of a price crunch. But the trend is less engagement with the global LNG market, not more
1 November 2021
IEA and Opec out of step on long-term perspective
The Paris-based intergovernmental organisation has its eyes firmly on a net-zero future. Opec not so much
1 November 2021
Letter from Houston: Lower 48 outlook strengthening
Climbing commodity prices and rampant drilling activity are lifting shale production guidance
1 November 2021
Oil’s finest hour still to come
Chemicals represent both an economic and environmental boon in the energy transition, according to Saudi Arabia’s Sabic and PIF
28 October 2021
Chinese policy critical to Asian crude prospects
All eyes are on Beijing as forecasters debate the prospects for the recovery of Asia’s oil demand
27 October 2021
Var looks at IPO
The Norway-focused IOC/private equity company is mulling a flotation
26 October 2021
OGA takes aim at Elgin-Franklin laggards
The UK upstream regulator is unhappy at partners in the field dragging their feet on the sale of ExxonMobil’s stake
26 October 2021
Middle East expands Asian market share
Asia’s crude supply has shifted in recent months as Mideast Gulf producers have increased exports. And that trend may continue into the new year
26 October 2021
Energy crises will not derail transition
Veteran analysts conclude that short-term risks to the longer-term trend towards net zero are overblown
26 October 2021
Letter from the Middle East: Adnoc’s road to net zero
The NOC must decarbonise rapidly if the UAE is to meet its emissions pledge
26 October 2021
Tackling emissions with AI
O&G firms must embrace greater digitisation to mitigate the impact of global warming and meet climate goals
26 October 2021
Delivering an effective framework for cybersecurity
A systematic approach is key to creating a ship security programme and ensuring the crew are involved in its delivery
25 October 2021
TV review: Shell comes under fire on UK primetime
Comedian’s documentary had dishonesty at its core. But its very commissioning should give the European oil industry pause for thought
25 October 2021
Iraqi election results offer domestic gas promise
A poor showing for Iranian-backed factions may add impetus to efforts to reduce import dependence
25 October 2021
Letter from South America: Venezuela secures Iranian lifeline
The crude-for-diluent swap deal with Iran is underway
25 October 2021
Bullish outlook for US oilfield services
Quarterly financial results have rebounded and prospects look even better heading into next year
21 October 2021
Gas at the heart of Iraq’s transition
While oil has grabbed the headlines for Iraq, tapping its gas potential could transform the country’s economic fortunes
21 October 2021
Petrobras’ downstream dilemma
President Bolsonaro considers privatising the NOC as fuel prices climb and divestments drag
21 October 2021
Corallian seeks bidders
The pre-production North Sea independent has put itself up for sale
20 October 2021
Uncertainty hangs over Permian permits
Output may be climbing fast, but producers are still waiting for clarity from the government on the future of federal drilling
19 October 2021
UAE tries to ride two horses
Abu Dhabi’s plans to raise oil and gas production are advancing despite the federation’s carbon-cutting pledges
19 October 2021
Western Canada’s gas revival
Midstream pipeline expansion and cautious operator spending is fuelling an uptick in prices
19 October 2021
Oil companies missed transition pivot
Shell and activist investor both agree that mistakes were made in the ’00s
19 October 2021
How to debate the transition with oil and gas firms
Is anger and a refusal to allow any comeback a useful tactic to shake up cosy complacency? Or is reasoned debate more useful?
18 October 2021
Winter warning signs for US gas market
Upward price pressures may benefit producers, but consumers will be hoping for a mild winter this year
18 October 2021
South Africa's Eskom seeks transition funding
State-owned South African utility Eskom is seeking financial backing for its decarbonisation efforts, including the construction of at least 4GW in gas-fired generation capacity
15 October 2021
Beijing strives to balance security and decarbonisation
The ongoing global energy crunch underlines the difficult task facing China’s leaders in balancing energy supply security while reaching net zero in the next 40 years
15 October 2021
Occidental exits Ghana
The US super-indie is divesting its assets in the country
14 October 2021
Gran Tierra cranks up the gears
Midstream takeaway has returned to normal in Colombia, paving the way for production growth opportunities
14 October 2021
Could Boris Johnson drop a Cop bombshell on UK oil and gas?
Industry figures warn the quixotic British prime minister might choose Glasgow talks to make a grand gesture on the UKCS’ future
14 October 2021
Sri Lanka poised to join LNG market
The country’s push to become an LNG importer is gathering pace, bolstered by the island nation’s location on major shipping lanes
13 October 2021
Collaboration is key for African gas-to-power
The continent needs more regional cooperation to expand its gas sector, panellists told Petroleum Economist’s LNG to Power Forum
12 October 2021
Private operators drive Permian recovery
Strong market conditions are encouraging private producers in Texas and New Mexico to lift drilling activity
12 October 2021
Petrobras eyes Gulf of Mexico exit
The NOC has added another sale to its long list of divestment targets
12 October 2021
Greenpeace makes further UK anti-oil protest after court defeat
The beleaguered E&P sector can breathe easier after legal ruling against the environmental NGO. But it has taken its message directly to the heart of the political establishment
12 October 2021
Saudi Arabia and Iraq could join the LNG export party
In the longer term, the two Gulf heavyweights may become gas exporters. But Egypt’s return to the table could be in doubt
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