2 February 2023
Mideast upstream long-term outlooks diverge
The region’s producers have their own specific goals and face drastically different challenges
1 February 2023
Letter from Canada: LNG export industry in disarray
Canada at one stage looked set to be a major LNG exporter, but all except four liquefaction projects have fallen by the wayside
1 February 2023
Bakken faces inventory concerns
The North Dakota shale basin nears a looming acreage problem
31 January 2023
US approves Trinidad-Venezuela Dragon talks
The gas field could help Trinidad and Tobago sustain its LNG industry
30 January 2023
Ice to launch London-based TTF market
The move will allow participants to hedge without being affected by the EU’s incoming market cap rules
30 January 2023
Letter from China: Rebounding demand meets economic headwinds
Opec+ and the IEA have both revised up 2023 forecasts for Chinese oil demand in recent weeks
30 January 2023
Argentina plays midstream waiting game
The arrival of additional gas takeaway capacity this year is welcome news for E&Ps, but much more will be needed if the Vaca Muerta is ever going to replicate US shale
30 January 2023
Marcellus pipeline woes threaten to change entire US gas market game
Permitting issues have radically curtailed the access to cheaply produced gas to which the industry has grown accustomed
30 January 2023
US rig market set for subdued year
Analysts agree there will not be any great leap forward in US shale drilling in 2023
27 January 2023
Beating the Russian products ban
Legal and illegal efforts to skirt the prohibition are likely to intensify—especially in Turkey, the Balkans and Eastern Europe
27 January 2023
EU bodies issue gas price cap warnings
Two preliminary reports echo industry criticisms, although lower prices have reduced the likelihood of the mechanism being triggered
26 January 2023
Serica faces ‘aggressive’ questioning on Tailwind deal
The UK-focused producer is finding shareholders disgruntled by its latest proposed M&A
26 January 2023
Energean not holding breath on East Med FLNG
Potential beneficiary of LNG export solution at Leviathan is only cautiously welcoming
26 January 2023
Capricorn resignations a blow to Newmed merger plans
The disputed deal is playing out in public, as Capricorn’s board and activist shareholder Palliser both issue statements and rebuttals
25 January 2023
Greater Tortue Ahmeyim FPSO sets sail
The LNG project’s vessel is due to arrive in the second quarter
24 January 2023
Letter from Europe: Politicians must be braver
Energy’s economic, geopolitical and climate challenges require the continent’s decision-makers to step up
24 January 2023
Aussie gas industry calls for intervention clarity
New guidelines fail to quell industry criticism, while the prevalence of long-term contracts and Australia’s geography limit the efficacy of the reforms
23 January 2023
Alberta’s Sovereignty Act stokes controversy
Supporters say the act will deter Ottawa from introducing further legislation affecting oil and gas, while opponents say it creates uncertainty that will harm investment
23 January 2023
Consolidation heats up for maturing US shale
Growth might not be on the table, but operators are eyeing opportunities to add quality acreage
20 January 2023
Cnooc to start drilling in Uganda
Kampala is bullish about the country’s upstream future
20 January 2023
Letter from India: Russian imports remain dominant
India’s newfound reliance on discounted Russian crude continues to grow
20 January 2023
Headwinds threaten Haynesville growth
Output from the play set for slowdown as pipeline bottlenecks loom and operators remain cautious
19 January 2023
Europe prepares for Russian product import ban
The European products market is the latest battlefield in the conflict between Moscow and the West
19 January 2023
Venus appraisal set for first-quarter start
The Orange basin’s promising upstream looks likely to gather momentum in 2023, once again led by the flagship Venus and Graff discoveries
18 January 2023
Kistos looks elsewhere after tax raids
The North Sea-focused producer is unimpressed by UK, Dutch and EU legislation
18 January 2023
More to come in Thailand for Valeura
The Canadian indie is already undergoing rapid growth and is looking for further opportunities in the Southeast Asian country
16 January 2023
Indonesia greenlights more projects
Jakarta is seeking to accelerate upstream developments and encourage more foreign investment
16 January 2023
Riyadh doubles down on Chinese downstream partnership
A flurry of petchems co-investments reflects Aramco’s drive to preserve long-term market share in both crude and its products
16 January 2023
IOCs to expand production at Brazil’s Lapa field
TotalEnergies and partners expect to produce 25,000bl/d from Lapa Southwest
12 January 2023
Pemex to struggle with ambitious targets
The latest five-year plan compounds pressure on the already financially handicapped NOC
12 January 2023
Sierra Leone hopes to kickstart upstream
One of West Africa’s last frontiers aims to join the ranks of regional hydrocarbons producers
12 January 2023
Core areas key for Norwegian APA awards
The winners of new NCS acreage stress synergies with existing portfolios
12 January 2023
India cements role as refining hub
The country’s hybrid model of state-backed and private refiners, often collaborating, continues to enjoy success
11 January 2023
Petronas presses ahead with Sabah LNG
The project is another sign of the industry’s growing adoption of floating liquefaction technology
9 January 2023
LNG faces growing shipping constraints
New regulations are likely to restrict an already limited pool of vessels capable of transporting gas
9 January 2023
Alaska LNG advances on energy security concerns
The supply shock caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could push the long-delayed liquefaction project across the finish line
9 January 2023
Arrow flies against Colombian headwinds
The company does not seem concerned about the effect on its growth plans of the new government’s proposed oil sector reforms, and is even looking at potential acquisitions
9 January 2023
Confidence and fear in Adnoc’s new upstream plan
The Emirati heavyweight’s five-year investment blueprint calls for an accelerated oil and gas capacity ramp-up
6 January 2023
Capricorn prepares for February showdown
The firm’s board continues to push back against opposition among some shareholders to plans for a merger with Israeli independent New Med
5 January 2023
Oman enters 2023 on a high
International commitments to its expanding petchems and LNG industries are a huge boon
5 January 2023
Eni greenlights second Congolese LNG project
Rapid-deployment floating developments are a burgeoning part of the sector
4 January 2023
International firms compete for Uruguayan blocks
The country’s frontier upstream continues to attract interest
29 December 2022
Colombian production rebounds post-pandemic
Undeveloped basins, minimal industry competition and gas supply imbalance are notable tailwinds even as windfall taxes loom large
29 December 2022
Outlook 2023: The role for oil and gas in the energy transition
Upstream M&A activity is not being deterred by the move towards decarbonisation
29 December 2022
Outlook 2023: Our industry is ideally placed to address the energy trilemma
Lowering the carbon intensity of oil and gas production will be a key consideration in the years to come
29 December 2022
Outlook 2023: Asia-Pacific faces distinct trilemma challenges
Countries in the region must cooperate to balance security, sustainability and affordability
28 December 2022
Outlook 2023: North American natural gas can address the energy trilemma
US and Canada have the resources to provide affordable, secure and sustainable energy to the global market
28 December 2022
Outlook 2023: Financing oil and gas in the energy transition
The energy transition creates an enormous opportunity for oilfield services because of the critical role oil and gas still needs to play and because of the sector’s ability to act as lead innovator
28 December 2022
Outlook 2023: Growing focus on a fair and inclusive energy transition
Integrating the principles of a just transition will increasingly be at the core of energy transition strategies
26 December 2022
Outlook 2023: SMRs: The answer to the world’s energy trilemma?
With the right policies, security of supply should not be an opposing force to decarbonisation
22 December 2022
Sound demand for Moroccan gas
AIM-listed E&P firm Sound Energy is bullish about the fuel’s future, both domestically and potentially for export
22 December 2022
Outlook 2023: The return of geopolitical risk in the energy market
The Ukraine crisis has shaken the established norms of energy geopolitics and has set the world on a course that will see no return to the status quo of just one year ago
22 December 2022
US oil output to set new record
Partisan political rhetoric has not prevented production growth
22 December 2022
Chevron gets back to work in Venezuela
But Washington’s apparent detente with Caracas is unlikely to bolster global crude supplies significantly any time soon
22 December 2022
Challenger banks on Uruguayan frontier
The independent is poised to benefit from the new wave of interest in Uruguayan acreage
21 December 2022
Outlook 2023: Eye of the storm
The worst may yet be to come for European and global gas markets
21 December 2022
Outlook 2023: Gas sellers beware
The golden age of gas has given way to the golden age of gas prices, with long-term implications for demand
20 December 2022
EU agrees gas price cap mechanism
The bloc is moving ahead with revised plans to intervene in the market
20 December 2022
Kurdistan cash set to go elsewhere
The region’s main operators have oil price boom earnings burning a hole in their pockets, but they may well be largely deployed elsewhere
19 December 2022
Outlook 2023: Europe to remain premium LNG market in 2023
The TTF is likely to stay at elevated levels to attract necessary volumes in the global market
16 December 2022
Savannah faces setback in Chad, progress in South Sudan
The independent has run into difficulties over its expansion in Chad even as it launches its largest acquisition to date in South Sudan
15 December 2022
Ukraine fallout continues to support tanker freight rates
Freight rates for clean tankers—the specialist vessels that transport refined petroleum products—reached multi-year highs in 2022 and are likely to remain strong going into 2023
15 December 2022
Letter from Canada: Greater volatility ahead for WCS discount
International events, rather than infrastructure bottlenecks, have undermined prices for Western Canadian crude
15 December 2022
EU TTF price cap proposals stoke alarm
The bloc’s plans are intended to shield consumers from high gas prices but have been criticised as unlikely to benefit end-users and for posing significant additional risks
15 December 2022
Cash-rich oil and gas sector eyes next investments
The industry might be poised to spend significant sums on low-carbon projects
14 December 2022
EU price cap fails to address potential existential threat
A worst-case scenario of the implications of the proposed legislation could be tensions that test the bloc’s very unity
14 December 2022
Outlook 2023: High prices are a cure for high prices
History shows that the demand impact keeps any oil market spikes strictly temporary in nature
12 December 2022
Outlook 2023: Coal regains central role in volatile EU energy market
Power generation fuel’s historical advantages of availability, affordability and reliability have once more prevailed as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine upends gas markets
12 December 2022
Cop27 leaves oil and gas unscathed
Opposition from producer countries made a commitment to ‘phase down’ fossil fuels impossible
12 December 2022
US energy policy set for deadlock
A divided Congress leaves President Biden with few options for pushing through his energy agenda
9 December 2022
Norway’s end-2022 PDO race heats up
The number of projects benefitting from tax breaks is set to top 20
8 December 2022
Adnoc and Petronas sign exploration deal
The Middle Eastern NOC is tapping Malaysian expertise to help it develop an unconventional resource
8 December 2022
Aramco pushes crude-to-chemicals frontiers
A trio of major project announcements signal the Saudi heavyweight’s renewed focus on maximising petchems yield
8 December 2022
North Eigg scrambles Serica’s share price
One of the North Sea’s most anticipated exploration wells comes up short
8 December 2022
Outlook 2023: China’s and India’s changing barrels
World’s two most populous nations are central to global oil demand, but in different ways
6 December 2022
Tanzania to see upstream consolidation
French independent Maurel & Prom is seeking to expand its Tanzanian portfolio
6 December 2022
Less is more in Iraqi downstream
The government’s new focus on relatively small, state-funded refinery expansions and upgrades bodes well for long-awaited progress
6 December 2022
Letter from Europe: Retail gas market intervention safer than wholesale
The EU’s proposals to cap wholesale gas prices could result in unintended consequences
5 December 2022
Where next in Europe’s diesel crisis?
The fate of the continent’s supply crunch may lie elsewhere—in China, the Middle East and Russia
2 December 2022
Outlook 2023: EU diesel demand begins to shift away from Russia
Efforts to find alternative sources of middle distillate have proven sluggish but are starting to ramp up
1 December 2022
Outlook 2023: Supply-side adjustments to end diesel crack rally in 2023
China is making strong efforts to kickstart its refining industry, and grassroots refineries are in their finishing phases around the globe
30 November 2022
Colombia at a crossroads
The new government is seen as unfriendly to oil and gas but will have to be pragmatic in the face of energy challenges
30 November 2022
Letter from China: Anger erupts at Covid policy
The revolt against zero-Covid is significant but is unlikely to sway Beijing this winter
30 November 2022
QatarEnergy keeps control
First expansion supply deals illustrate commitment to maintaining its grip of LNG volumes along the value chain
30 November 2022
Mexico aims for Atlantic Basin FLNG success
Rapid development of significant GoM gas deposit may yet be outpaced by a quicker pipeline solution
30 November 2022
Permian set for growth slowdown
A range of obstacles will hobble further output increases in the Lower 48’s most productive basin heading into 2023
28 November 2022
Turkey’s gas hub pipe dream
Erdogan and Putin’s rhetoric may be more about targeting domestic audiences than any realistic prospect of development
28 November 2022
Outlook 2023: America’s role in global gas security
The US ‘Gaslift’ helped rescue Europe’s energy sector last winter, but with liquefaction plants already operating at capacity, what are the prospects for continued support?
28 November 2022
ConocoPhillips nearing Willow FID
Alaska's upstream continues to gain momentum despite environmental concerns
25 November 2022
MVP throws down the gauntlet to opponents
Developers are pushing to complete the Appalachian pipeline project despite years of delays
25 November 2022
Outlook 2023: Building the path to a just energy transition
With the right policies, security of supply should not be an opposing force to decarbonisation
24 November 2022
Mozambique upstream progress defies unrest
The east African country continues to attract investment in oil and gas projects, but concerns over security are still impeding developments in the gas-rich north
24 November 2022
Letter from Eastern Europe: Western Balkans a test for energy diplomacy
Common energy projects appear to be holding a famously fractious Balkan peninsula together—for now
23 November 2022
China’s gas storage reliance grows
Despite technical challenges and slow development times, storage capacity is expanding
23 November 2022
Outlook 2023: Energy crisis puts political commitments to the test
Governments around the world must decide how to approach the energy trilemma amid ongoing volatility
22 November 2022
India courts foreign investors
The government is seeking to revitalise the country’s upstream through a variety of reforms, says Petroleum Secretary Pankaj Jain
21 November 2022
Chinese policy stays in lane
Party set-piece points to pursuit of balance between economic expansion and competing priorities such as risk management and zero-Covid
21 November 2022
This time for Iraqi gas?
The new Baghdad government hopes to succeed where predecessors have failed in developing supply
18 November 2022
Outlook 2023: Tighter times ahead for oil
Energy markets have had an extraordinary 2022, sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and subsequent retaliatory action. But the full effect on the oil market has yet to be seen
17 November 2022
UK ratchets up windfall tax
Analysts and industry are left dismayed by larger-than-expected hike and potential unintended consequences
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