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Alberta’s petrochemicals advantage
5 June 2024
Canada’s oil hub looks to the future amid a supportive geological and investment environment
Biden clamps down on Alaskan oil and gas
3 June 2024
Federal government restricts activity in Alaskan petroleum reserve but leaves current arrangements like Willow alone
A positive ending to the Trans Mountain saga
9 May 2024
Pipeline boosts Canada’s oil industry by widening its export options, making it less reliant on US market and bringing Asia into the mix
Mexico’s election could evolve oil nationalism
3 May 2024
Upcoming elections are likely to deliver a win for the party of president Andres Lopez Obrador, but analysts differ over to what degree his successor will stick to his energy policies
Future of Canadian tight oil hangs on net-zero progress
2 April 2024
Report by Canada Energy Regulator outlines three different scenarios, with the global push for decarbonisation the key to future production levels
US SPR takes on new role
26 March 2024
Strategic stocks have become as much a market management tool as a security of supply buffer, and this new tactic is likely to continue beyond the next election
Canadian crude oil’s last big push
11 March 2024
Oil sands set to provide growth over next few years, but infrastructure and policy hurdles could stifle momentum further out
TC Energy returning to its roots
4 March 2024
Leaner North American midstream behemoth looks to strategic success with renewed gas focus
Venezuela casts shadow over Guyana’s bright oil future
12 January 2024
But 1m b/d production could be just a few years away if geopolitical risks subside
Canadian producers riding another M&A wave
5 December 2023
Low debts levels and the advantages of larger companies among the reasons for the rise in activity
Chevron deal energises the Bakken
27 November 2023
The major’s acquisition deal could keep oil production in the mature play going for longer
WCS to arrive on the global stage
17 November 2023
New pipeline capacity may transform the role of Canada’s key heavy sour crude and its price after a few false dawns
Alaska’s tentative upstream revival
31 October 2023
The war in Ukraine has given new impetus to oil and gas projects in the US’ most northerly state, but two proposed LNG projects may still struggle to reach FID
The Trans Mountain fiasco
16 October 2023
A recent decision by Canada’s energy regulator will see the pipeline’s expansion project avoid yet more additional costs, but it remains blighted by poor economics
Appalachia’s gas faces infrastructure challenge
26 September 2023
Bottlenecks continue to constrain gas-rich Appalachia, and relief may not be in the pipeline
Canada’s west coast LNG projects gain momentum
20 September 2023
Geographical position, long-term demand and decarbonisation efforts continue to support the region’s burgeoning LNG sector
Forecasts of oil sands’ demise greatly exaggerated
18 August 2023
Canadian regulator the CER’s Global Net-Zero scenario paints a gloomy picture for the oil sands, but the analysis may be fundamentally flawed
Optimism despite setbacks in NL offshore
10 August 2023
The province’s government remains positive about the future of its offshore industry despite recent difficulties
Letter from Canada: The coming energy war
31 July 2023
Conflict between the federal government and Alberta’s new premier seems inevitable
Suncor getting back on track
28 June 2023
New management looks to focus on oil sands firm’s core upstream and downstream business
Oil sands face uncertain future in post-peak world
31 May 2023
The long-term prospects for the sector may depend on the rate of decline in global oil consumption
Letter from Canada: Oil sands return to domestic ownership
9 May 2023
Continuing exodus of foreign companies means assets are coming back to Canadian-headquartered firms
Higher capex needed for projected oil sands growth
25 April 2023
Producers are not necessarily using their cash on oil sands output
Blueberry River veto casts a long shadow
31 March 2023
Implications of settlement between British Columbia and First Nations group go beyond development of massive Montney shale formation
Alberta’s savings hobbled by oil sands
27 February 2023
Potential bonanza for Heritage Fund is not without caveats
Nova Scotia looks to revive its offshore
20 February 2023
The province on Canada’s eastern coast is attempting to breathe new life into its moribund offshore oil and gas industry
Alaska’s Willow project faces regulatory uncertainty
15 February 2023
Even a completed environmental assessment might not guarantee progress
TotalEnergies pushes forward with oil sands spin-off
14 February 2023
The French major has expanded its stake in the Fort Hills mine to make the divestment more attractive
Letter from Canada: LNG export industry in disarray
1 February 2023
Canada at one stage looked set to be a major LNG exporter, but all except four liquefaction projects have fallen by the wayside
Alberta’s Sovereignty Act stokes controversy
23 January 2023
Supporters say the act will deter Ottawa from introducing further legislation affecting oil and gas, while opponents say it creates uncertainty that will harm investment
Alaska LNG advances on energy security concerns
9 January 2023
The supply shock caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could push the long-delayed liquefaction project across the finish line
Letter from Canada: Greater volatility ahead for WCS discount
15 December 2022
International events, rather than infrastructure bottlenecks, have undermined prices for Western Canadian crude
ConocoPhillips nearing Willow FID
28 November 2022
Alaska's upstream continues to gain momentum despite environmental concerns
MVP throws down the gauntlet to opponents
25 November 2022
Developers are pushing to complete the Appalachian pipeline project despite years of delays
Exodus from Canada’s oil sands continues
17 November 2022
Companies are still fleeing the carbon-heavy assets, despite the industry committing to net-zero emissions by 2050 through the Pathways Alliance
EQT remains bullish on Appalachian gas
14 November 2022
The US producer is calling for a rapid buildout of pipeline and export infrastructure
Letter from Canada: New Alberta premier brings uncertainty
21 October 2022
Danielle Smith’s proposals to take power back from Ottawa do not even have the oil and gas sector’s support
Western Canada’s summertime gas glut
17 October 2022
Pipeline maintenance is restricting routes to market, leading some producers to shut in production as prices fall
Bakken’s best oil days may have passed
13 October 2022
Output from the mature play has not bounced back as expected from Covid-19
Alaska’s North Slope on cusp of potential revival
29 September 2022
But difficulty accessing resources, particularly on federal land, is compounding the usual problems with operating in such a remote and unforgiving environment
Nuclear SMRs could decarbonise Canada’s oil sands sector
2 September 2022
But cost and commercialisation timeframes may prove a barrier to adoption
Canada’s midstream rivals eye LNG opportunities
1 September 2022
The country’s pipeline owners are poised to capitalise as North American LNG export projects proliferate
Letter from Canada: Federal government attempts emissions strategy
24 August 2022
Federal carbon pricing options may allow the central government to outflank provincial opposition
Letter from Canada: Risk of windfall profit tax grows
28 July 2022
Governments around the world are under pressure to implement windfall profit taxes on oil and gas companies, and Canada may be poised to follow suit
Suncor cuts deal with activist investor
25 July 2022
The embattled producer has sought a truce with Elliott Investment Management and brought in new blood to the board
NL offshore has potential for new heights
8 July 2022
Commercial oil discoveries off Newfoundland and Labrador could see three or four new fields coming online in the next ten years
Letter from Canada: Trudeau’s oil pipeline tangle
6 July 2022
Federal policy in recent years has severely limited the country’s ability to raise exports
Pipelines pose problem for Canada’s west coast LNG exports
5 July 2022
The only two projects to have taken FID so far are still not on easy street
LNG NL ‘perfectly positioned’ for a future of high politics and low carbon
1 July 2022
The proposed East Coast liquefaction terminal is trumpeting a number of advantages over competing schemes
Ottawa’s East Coast LNG export support comes with strings
29 June 2022
The federal government looks likely to put stringent conditions on projects aiming to alleviate Europe’s gas crunch
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