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Emerging markets to bolster Asian LNG demand
29 April 2024
Although recent, firmer gas prices have blunted some price-sensitive demand, the overall growth outlook remains robust
Outlook 2024: Replacing coal with gas is more important than ever for Asia
22 January 2024
More gas is needed across Asia—at affordable prices—to encourage the move away from coal
Outlook 2024: Asia’s appetite for LNG in an age of uncertainty
3 January 2024
Asia remains primed for long-term LNG growth, despite the commitment by countries to meet their net-zero emissions targets
Asia’s changing oil market landscape
21 December 2023
Chinese demand is at the forefront of shifting oil contours for Asia for 2024 and beyond
Letter from Asia: Net-zero needs CCS and LNG
12 December 2023
COP28 must recognise the essential role of gas and carbon capture in the energy transition, says the Asia Natural Gas and Energy Association
Asian gas industry group counts on rising demand
27 September 2023
Regional industry body ANGEA remains bullish about Asia's adoption of gas and LNG, despite elevated prices and logistical challenges
Southeast Asia embraces LNG
31 August 2023
Vietnam and the Philippines lay down a marker for the region’s growth prospects with new import terminals
Energy crisis resets expectations for Asia-Pacific LNG demand
30 August 2023
Reliability and affordability key in price-sensitive Asian market amid renewed global dependency on natural gas
Asia’s LNG approach evolves
30 August 2023
Asia learns energy security lessons after counting the costs from the destination flexibility of LNG
LNG industry’s faith unwavering on Asian demand
29 August 2023
The number of supply projects under construction around the world suggests developers and buyers believe in decades of future growth
Asia’s quest for low-emission LNG
29 August 2023
Appetite among the region’s buyers for LNG that can demonstrate low greenhouse gas emissions amid recognition of long-term fossil fuels role
Gas remains crucial to Southeast Asia’s energy balancing act
25 August 2023
The fuel will have a continuing role to play as the region seeks to balance growing energy demand with targets to reduce emissions
Europe’s gas pivot and Asian demand boost global midstream
18 August 2023
Europe has been hastily building out LNG and pipeline capacity since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while demand is rising in Asia
Asia gas body urges winter coordination
12 October 2022
The demand side will have a greater short-term role than supply in the potentially difficult months ahead
Asian LNG demand growth set to slow
25 January 2022
Weaker outlook for the Chinese economy and greater pipeline flows threaten to hamper expansion of the shipborne market
Jadestone’s expansion plans mature
14 September 2021
The independent is looking to capitalise as more companies move to exit mature oil and gas assets, CEO Paul Blakeley tells Petroleum Economist
LNG projects aim to shrug off challenging year
31 August 2021
Progress has been slow on both the liquefaction and regasification sides over the past 12 months, but numerous new developments are planned
LNG prices may be set for strong Q4
24 August 2021
Supply- and demand-side factors pushed contracts to multi-year highs in recent months and may continue to lend support going into the fourth quarter
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