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Alberta’s Sovereignty Act stokes controversy
23 January 2023
Supporters say the act will deter Ottawa from introducing further legislation affecting oil and gas, while opponents say it creates uncertainty that will harm investment
More to come in Thailand for Valeura
18 January 2023
The Canadian indie is already undergoing rapid growth and is looking for further opportunities in the Southeast Asian country
Outlook 2023: North American natural gas can address the energy trilemma
28 December 2022
US and Canada have the resources to provide affordable, secure and sustainable energy to the global market
Letter from Canada: Greater volatility ahead for WCS discount
15 December 2022
International events, rather than infrastructure bottlenecks, have undermined prices for Western Canadian crude
Letter from Canada: New Alberta premier brings uncertainty
21 October 2022
Danielle Smith’s proposals to take power back from Ottawa do not even have the oil and gas sector’s support
Western Canada’s summertime gas glut
17 October 2022
Pipeline maintenance is restricting routes to market, leading some producers to shut in production as prices fall
Canada’s midstream rivals eye LNG opportunities
1 September 2022
The country’s pipeline owners are poised to capitalise as North American LNG export projects proliferate
Letter from Canada: Federal government attempts emissions strategy
24 August 2022
Federal carbon pricing options may allow the central government to outflank provincial opposition
Letter from Canada: Risk of windfall profit tax grows
28 July 2022
Governments around the world are under pressure to implement windfall profit taxes on oil and gas companies, and Canada may be poised to follow suit
Suncor cuts deal with activist investor
25 July 2022
The embattled producer has sought a truce with Elliott Investment Management and brought in new blood to the board
Letter from Canada: Trudeau’s oil pipeline tangle
6 July 2022
Federal policy in recent years has severely limited the country’s ability to raise exports
Pipelines pose problem for Canada’s west coast LNG exports
5 July 2022
The only two projects to have taken FID so far are still not on easy street
LNG NL ‘perfectly positioned’ for a future of high politics and low carbon
1 July 2022
The proposed East Coast liquefaction terminal is trumpeting a number of advantages over competing schemes
Ottawa’s East Coast LNG export support comes with strings
29 June 2022
The federal government looks likely to put stringent conditions on projects aiming to alleviate Europe’s gas crunch
Goldboro LNG gets back on track
27 June 2022
Renewed appetite for quick solutions to get gas to Europe has combined with a more scalable solution to revitalise liquefaction ambitions
Indigenous-led Cedar LNG puts emphasis on shared values
21 June 2022
The west coast liquefaction plant aims to set a standard for responsible resource development
Canada’s LNG export rebirth
20 June 2022
Europe’s ambitions for a Russian import freeze are a boon to a previously stalled sector
High profits double-edged sword for oil sands producers
7 June 2022
Overflowing coffers are likely to impress shareholders but not politicians being asked for decarbonisation subsidies
Letter from Canada: Alberta looks beyond Kenney
31 May 2022
The province’s governing party is struggling to come to terms with the oil and gas industry’s new focus on the energy transition
Eavor aims at geothermal revolution
10 May 2022
Canadian oil and gas drillers plan to use their skillsets to disrupt an entire clean energy sector
Thinking outside the box: Canadian energy regulators respond to innovation
28 April 2022
The recent pace of change and burgeoning new technologies designed to address the climate crisis pose a challenge for regulators
Shell Canada makes its licence-to-operate case
27 April 2022
The subsidiary is in lockstep with its parent in the IOC-to-IEC pivot
Advantage secures heavyweight CCS backing
25 April 2022
New partnership for Canadian producer’s carbon-capture JV aims to drive further expansion
Letter from Canada: Alberta makes energy promises it cannot keep
11 April 2022
Production capacity and infrastructure do not match province’s rhetoric
Canada commits to additional 200,000bl/d of crude
28 March 2022
The country will pipe more oil, as well as more gas, to its southern neighbour by year-end
Canada’s pipeline problems continue to worsen
7 March 2022
Recent attack on Coastal Gaslink demonstrates the hostile environment for such projects
Alberta renewables market seeing strong growth
23 February 2022
Government support and an active carbon market help drive wind and solar investment in Canada’s most deregulated power sector
Letter from Canada: Emission caps threaten output
22 February 2022
Canada’s lack of progress in meeting ambitious emission reduction goals is a particular threat to the country’s upstream oil and gas sector
Letter from Canada: Exporters eye pipeline options
1 February 2022
Reverse flows on the Capline pipeline and expansion of the Trans Mountain system will dramatically boost capacity
IEA calls for Canadian emissions reduction action
28 January 2022
The country’s oil and gas sector is a culprit in disappointing delivery despite good policymaking
LNG Canada hits pipeline problem
21 December 2021
Canadian export project buffeted by hitches in its Coastal GasLink feedstock provision
Cenovus high grades its portfolio
13 December 2021
Debt management has been the immediate priority for the firm, but 2022 holds plenty of growth opportunities
Enbridge loses regulatory decision
10 December 2021
Pipeline verdict is music to the ears of many Western Canadian oil producers, but will only add to surplus capacity
Letter from Canada: Time for Biden to end hypocrisy
30 November 2021
The US president talks the talk on urgent decarbonisation, but cannot ignore bilateral midstream dispute between Michigan and Canada
Letter from Canada: Under siege oil sands pledge support for emissions cuts
28 October 2021
Critics highlight that the energy sector needs to accelerate decarbonisation if Canada is to meet its climate goals
Western Canada’s gas revival
19 October 2021
Midstream pipeline expansion and cautious operator spending is fuelling an uptick in prices
Letter from Canada: Kenney gives Alberta a clean energy image problem
21 September 2021
The home of Canada’s oil and gas sector is seeking to reposition itself but is being hamstrung by the record of its provincial government
Letter from Canada: Alberta concedes to energy transition
12 May 2021
The region’s hydrocarbons sector grudgingly accepts the inevitable rise of low-carbon energy, and the government is taking steps not to be left out
Winter LNG transit highlights Arctic’s growing role
8 April 2021
Russia is leading the charge to normalise Arctic shipping as the region warms
Letter from Canada: Alberta’s debt quagmire
8 March 2021
The province’s strategy of stimulating economic diversification through oil revenue largesse has largely proved a failure
Opportunity knocks for Canadian consolidation
18 February 2021
Recent M&A deals and recovering oil prices showcase the potential for further activity in 2021
Letter from Canada: Keystone XL’s demise a fiasco and opportunity
26 January 2021
The Canadian oilsands industry should now be clear where it stands and plan accordingly
Enbridge challenges Michigan mandate
19 January 2021
Canadian midstream firm rails against federal executive order calling for Line 5 pipeline closure
Constraining Canadian LNG
10 December 2020
Future near-term gas ventures beyond those already sanctioned look doubtful against a background of financial crisis and little competitive edge
Letter from Canada: Kenney’s bad Keystone XL bet
1 December 2020
Alberta’s premier went all in on the controversial pipeline but may lose his shirt
Kenney’s bad Keystone XL bet
1 December 2020
Alberta’s premier went all in on the controversial pipeline but may lose his shirt
Husky deal not the trigger for Canadian consolidation wave
5 November 2020
M&A activity may have started to rally, but further big-ticket transactions look unlikely
Canadian government leads the way on CCUS
30 October 2020
Federal and provincial government measures have supported the deployment of several world-class projects
Plastics ban hits Alberta’s gas strategy
16 October 2020
Federal measures to limit plastics pollution could frustrate the province’s petchems plans
Desperation fuels Canadian M&A activity
1 October 2020
Offloadings accelerate as many domestic oil firms struggle to stave off bankruptcy
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