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Low prices spur rising Chinese gas demand
7 June 2024
Q2 demand growth is looking robust after a strong Q1
Beijing remains uncommitted on Power of Siberia 2 plans
4 June 2024
Russia’s pivot to the east is encountering barriers among the Central Asian republics and due to China’s reluctance to become too dependent on Russian gas
Political bargains hamstring Australia's Future Gas Strategy
2 June 2024
Backroom political deal-making has undermined the government’s long-term vision for the domestic gas sector
Trinidad and Tobago pushes for revival in upstream fortunes
30 May 2024
Woodside, BP and Shell are among the companies actively pursuing gas developments in the country’s waters
Gas discovery could transform Morocco
1 May 2024
Energean CEO Mathios Rigas looks to results of critical Anchois appraisal well
East Med gas producers show caution and commitment
25 April 2024
Some companies with assets in Israel have turned towards Egypt as tensions escalate, but others are holding firm despite rising tensions
Russia makes gas inroads in Central Asia
17 April 2024
Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan provide opportunities after Europe turns it back, while also offering another gateway to China
Gas faces uphill battle in China and India
11 April 2024
The renewables revolution is not producing a gas boom in Asia’s largest countries, as incumbent energy sources coal and hydro retain an advantage
Nigeria must navigate gas pipeline project risk
5 April 2024
Changing demand patterns, rising global LNG supplies, funding issues and regional insecurity threaten gas infrastructure buildout, but experts plot way ahead
Denmark to become net gas exporter after Tyra restart
28 March 2024
The country’s largest gas field is a bright spot for the North Sea, boasting cleaner operations amid a changing mood in Europe over hydrocarbons
WA’s domestic gas policy dilemma
28 March 2024
As a gas supply shortfall looms, balancing regulatory flexibility with energy security and investor confidence will be critical
Letter from Iraq: Kurdistan gas key to growth
15 March 2024
Federal-backed but independent Kurdistan-focused national energy company could underpin better cooperation
Indonesia looks to gas to cover growing energy needs
22 February 2024
Recent elections and on-going LNG developments highlight the importance of domestic gas demand in the sprawling island nation
Aramco pursues multi-faceted gas growth strategy
31 January 2024
The NOC is looking to increase its gas output to more than 165bcm/yr by 2030 to support its hydrogen and ammonia aspirations, and to finally become a player in LNG
Power pricing threatens Vietnam’s gas plans
29 January 2024
The country’s drive to adopt LNG and gas could be imperilled as the state electricity company haemorrhages money
Outlook 2024: Europe’s pivot from Russian gas
23 January 2024
Energy crisis leads to supply diversification
Outlook 2024: Replacing coal with gas is more important than ever for Asia
22 January 2024
More gas is needed across Asia—at affordable prices—to encourage the move away from coal
Outlook 2024: Market regime shifts driving LNG portfolio value
19 January 2024
Three main characteristics underpin a shift in global pricing dynamics creating a new regime
Outlook 2024: The evolution of gas infrastructure
16 January 2024
In the ever-changing landscape of global energy, the European gas infrastructure is undergoing a remarkable transformation, poised to play a pivotal role in shaping Europe’s energy future
Nigeria’s biggest gas pipeline advances
15 January 2024
The AKK project promises to increase gas utilisation and reduce energy poverty
Viaro Energy sees gas as long-term UK transition fuel
11 January 2024
CEO sees gas as growth area for the North Sea if governments embrace energy security
Gas and LNG: Five things to watch in 2024
20 December 2023
The global market remains structurally tight as the new year approaches
Letter from Asia: Net-zero needs CCS and LNG
12 December 2023
COP28 must recognise the essential role of gas and carbon capture in the energy transition, says the Asia Natural Gas and Energy Association
European gas prices still on alert
11 December 2023
The market is better prepared but still jittery, while the industry remains wary of the EU price cap
Outlook 2024: Is blue the new green?
6 December 2023
The role of gas in the energy transition
China’s gas goals face unconventional hurdles
4 December 2023
Beijing’s strong emphasis on domestic production growth will require heavier investment from the country’s NOCs, as remaining reserves become harder to exploit
India’s growing gas appetite
4 December 2023
Demand increasing at a clip as government plots infrastructure buildout
Europe’s gas security strategy may not be 2024 ready
30 November 2023
The region’s rapidly evolving infrastructure has a lot to be commended for, but some of the capacity may not be ready in time for the 2024 heating season
Letter from India: Prosperity and sustainability make uneasy bedfellows
30 November 2023
Burgeoning middle class and long-term growth from a low base at odds with energy transition efforts
Tamboran pursues Northern Territory gas ambitions
3 November 2023
The Beetaloo Basin is a gas-rich shale play
China stalls on Power of Siberia 2
25 October 2023
Beijing appears willing to use Moscow’s isolation to its advantage
China gas policy focuses on energy security
20 October 2023
The revised Gas Utilisation Policy refines Beijing’s policies for a market that has doubled in size since 2012
Gas remains the workhorse of the Texas grid
3 October 2023
Much has been made about the expansion of wind and solar power, but in the hottest days of August, Texans depended on gas to avert rolling blackouts
Asian gas industry group counts on rising demand
27 September 2023
Regional industry body ANGEA remains bullish about Asia's adoption of gas and LNG, despite elevated prices and logistical challenges
Appalachia’s gas faces infrastructure challenge
26 September 2023
Bottlenecks continue to constrain gas-rich Appalachia, and relief may not be in the pipeline
Gas remains crucial to Southeast Asia’s energy balancing act
25 August 2023
The fuel will have a continuing role to play as the region seeks to balance growing energy demand with targets to reduce emissions
Gas prices continue to burden European industry
24 August 2023
Almost a year-and-a-half after Russia invaded Ukraine, elevated gas prices continue to impact the competitiveness of European industry, especially relative to the US
Europe’s gas pivot and Asian demand boost global midstream
18 August 2023
Europe has been hastily building out LNG and pipeline capacity since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while demand is rising in Asia
Letter from Latin America: Wider woes fail to derail Argentine shale
16 August 2023
Battered by multiple economic headaches, Argentina is looking towards the Vaca Muerta as a potential lifeline
Eni banks on gas for transition future
7 August 2023
The Italian major continues to reorientate its portfolio to focus on gas
Energean’s Rigas says gas strategy tied to East Med energy security
3 August 2023
CEO warns Russia shock may have changed Europe’s energy dynamic forever as company focuses on significant demand from Israel, Egypt and beyond
Europe redraws lines on gas infrastructure map
17 July 2023
The continent’s gas revamp looks to both LNG and nearby pipelines
Outages could drive renewed European gas price volatility
10 July 2023
Europe is better prepared than last winter, but risks remain
Gas jostles for vital role in China’s energy mix
22 June 2023
The fuel has lost ground to coal and renewables but is seen as key to balancing needs for energy security with long-term efforts to decarbonise
Global gas outlook ‘improved’, but risks persist
25 May 2023
The IEA warns against complacency, as the weather and Russian pipeline flows remain major uncertainties
East Med poised to develop gas reserves
22 May 2023
Drilling campaigns and bid rounds are gathering pace, and even the long-discussed East Med pipeline may be back on the agenda as the region prepares to increase its gas exports to Europe
Can gas solve South Africa’s power crisis?
18 May 2023
Domestic production and LNG imports are on the table as the country seeks to restore energy security
IEA’s Molnar says LNG is more back-up supply than transition fuel
17 May 2023
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has forever changed gas markets and prompted renewed interest in storage and previously unattractive developments, but the long-term future of the fuel is doubtful
Adnoc focuses on gas for expansion drive
15 May 2023
The Emirati giant is keen to reinforce its status as a net gas exporter while remaining cost-conscious even as it splashes its oil windfall
Letter from China: Price controls squeeze gas suppliers
10 May 2023
Incomplete price reforms pose problems for both upstream and downstream players and threaten further shortages
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