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Canada’s west coast LNG projects gain momentum
20 September 2023
Geographical position, long-term demand and decarbonisation efforts continue to support the region’s burgeoning LNG sector
Hong Kong looks to LNG to cut emissions
19 September 2023
The special administrative region has introduced the fuel as part of its drive for carbon neutrality, but it will take years for imports to ramp up
Malaysia LNG faces growing gas supply challenges
18 September 2023
Pipeline problems, maturing fields, gas quality issues and territorial disputes threaten to erode Malaysia’s LNG exports
LNG market braces for Australian strikes
8 September 2023
Significant capacity is affected, but the market impact may prove limited
Karpowership charts unique course
7 September 2023
The floating power station specialist discusses its plans in South Africa and elsewhere
Southeast Asia embraces LNG
31 August 2023
Vietnam and the Philippines lay down a marker for the region’s growth prospects with new import terminals
Energy crisis resets expectations for Asia-Pacific LNG demand
30 August 2023
Reliability and affordability key in price-sensitive Asian market amid renewed global dependency on natural gas
Asia’s LNG approach evolves
30 August 2023
Asia learns energy security lessons after counting the costs from the destination flexibility of LNG
LNG industry’s faith unwavering on Asian demand
29 August 2023
The number of supply projects under construction around the world suggests developers and buyers believe in decades of future growth
Asia’s quest for low-emission LNG
29 August 2023
Appetite among the region’s buyers for LNG that can demonstrate low greenhouse gas emissions amid recognition of long-term fossil fuels role
Pavilion Energy: Fuelling ambitions for a sustainable energy future
25 August 2023
Singapore-based global energy merchant has taken a fundamental first step towards decarbonisation by encouraging its suppliers to document their greenhouse gas emissions
Gas prices continue to burden European industry
24 August 2023
Almost a year-and-a-half after Russia invaded Ukraine, elevated gas prices continue to impact the competitiveness of European industry, especially relative to the US
Kosmos unfazed by Greater Tortue Ahmeyim delay
17 August 2023
Postponement of large LNG project does not seem to have derailed Kosmos’ expansion or capex plans
Canberra stokes Tokyo’s LNG concerns
2 August 2023
Talks between the trading partners reveal growing tension over the potential impact on LNG flows of domestic Australian policies
Dwindling feedgas threatens Brunei LNG
1 August 2023
The decades-long project needs new sources of gas, but territorial disputes with Malaysia are complicating matters
Rio Grande lights the way for US LNG
28 July 2023
Texas export facility’s remarkable turnaround will give fresh hope to other gas projects looking to secure FID
Delta sees LNG-to-power back on track in Vietnam
27 July 2023
The company remains bullish despite last year’s LNG sector upheaval
Europe redraws lines on gas infrastructure map
17 July 2023
The continent’s gas revamp looks to both LNG and nearby pipelines
Outages could drive renewed European gas price volatility
10 July 2023
Europe is better prepared than last winter, but risks remain
Will US LNG stampede lead to costly overbuild?
7 July 2023
The US’ emergence as the world’s largest LNG producer is good news for gas-hungry Europe, but the project pipeline raises questions about how much capacity will be needed
Is LNG getting easier again for trading houses?
6 July 2023
Market volatility put a significant strain on the commodity traders in 2022, but there are some signs of green shoots
Europe’s LNG buildout signals brave new world
3 July 2023
The EU’s new gas strategy may have wriggled free of complacency and insularity, but demand destruction and chokepoints are just some of the key risk factors
Tanzania LNG project finally sees progress
26 June 2023
Export terminal agreement brings offshore gas production a step closer
Gail feels effects of Russia fallout
20 June 2023
Indian gas company’s profits nosedive due to non-supply from former Gazprom unit
Indonesia considers LNG export restrictions
19 June 2023
Rising domestic demand and the pressures of net zero are prompting the Southeast Asian country to look at limiting outflows of gas
Letter from Singapore: Asia’s LNG love story still needs writing
13 June 2023
Gas is set for major growth in Asia but countries in the region are moving at differing paces and some remain highly sensitive to prices
China’s LNG demand blunted for now
26 May 2023
Pipeline imports and domestic production gains may limit LNG take, but Russia and Central Asia uncertainty could prompt buying activity
Global gas outlook ‘improved’, but risks persist
25 May 2023
The IEA warns against complacency, as the weather and Russian pipeline flows remain major uncertainties
Can gas solve South Africa’s power crisis?
18 May 2023
Domestic production and LNG imports are on the table as the country seeks to restore energy security
IEA’s Molnar says LNG is more back-up supply than transition fuel
17 May 2023
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has forever changed gas markets and prompted renewed interest in storage and previously unattractive developments, but the long-term future of the fuel is doubtful
US and Qatari LNG: Competitors or a parallel universe?
10 May 2023
The two heavyweight exporters are miles apart in their approach to the market, but the interplay between them will define the future of LNG pricing
LNG crucial for South Korea despite nuclear focus
3 May 2023
Liquefied gas may lose market share to nuclear in South Korea, but demand could still be robust
Australia’s domestic gas issues threaten exports
27 April 2023
And a lack of fresh developments means supply is set to tighten
Low prices not luring Asian buyers back to LNG
25 April 2023
Preferable nuclear and coal options suggest balanced Asian LNG market, at least over the summer
India gears up for greater gas use
18 April 2023
LNG cargo at Dhamra terminal arrives amid shift to securing supplies and capping prices
Europe’s LNG strategy is better late than never
18 April 2023
Infrastructure buildout will give EU better options in 2023 and even more in 2024
Global gas market reawakened by ‘Russia effect’
17 April 2023
Industry takes fresh look at moribund, risky or questionable gas and LNG projects
Papua LNG set for startup by 2028
13 April 2023
But the additional capacity may face heightened competition for market share later this decade
Subdued Asian LNG interest produces large stockpiles
16 March 2023
Weak prices support demand but mild weather, delayed gas projects, large reserves and nuclear alternatives set to blunt upturn
Global LNG analysis report 2023 – Part 4
13 March 2023
The fourth and final part of this deep-dive analysis looks at LNG projects planned or underway across the Americas
African LNG growth could come too late to cash in
8 March 2023
Can new capacity come online soon enough to capitalise on elevated prices?
Global LNG analysis report 2023 – Part 3
8 March 2023
The third part of this deep-dive analysis looks at liquefaction and regasification developments in the Europe and Russia
Argentina’s gas ready to help energy security and transition
6 March 2023
The country’s energy secretary, Flavia Royon, says a key pipeline is on track to realise the potential of the Vaca Muerta
LNG market stress to persist for years
2 March 2023
But a supply glut could be coming later this decade
Global LNG analysis report 2023 – Part 2
2 March 2023
The second part of this deep-dive analysis looks at liquefaction and regasification developments in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific
Global LNG analysis report 2023 — Part 1
27 February 2023
Decarbonisation and the war in Ukraine are just two of the factors driving the massive investment in liquefaction and regasification around the world. The first part of this deep-dive analysis looks at developments in Africa
Letter from China: Long-term LNG demand looks strong
24 February 2023
Last year’s slip in gas consumption does not affect the outlook to mid-century
Vietnam’s LNG sector held back by high prices and delays
23 February 2023
The country had been poised to embrace LNG-to-power on a large scale
Freeport restart boosts US LNG exports
20 February 2023
The outage highlighted the tightness of the global LNG market, and its return should help keep a lid on prices
India steps on the gas pedal
17 February 2023
Substantial increases in pipeline infrastructure over the next two years are expected to supercharge gas consumption
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