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Indian refiners set for big expansion
16 February 2024
The world’s third-largest importer of crude shows no sign of easing up on downstream momentum in recent years
Modular refineries offer Nigeria solutions
23 January 2024
Official support for small refineries may improve security and help the country meet both its OPEC crude production quotas and domestic product requirements
Nigeria adapts to end of fuel subsidies
6 November 2023
The withdrawal of discounts has already severely impacted domestic product demand and bolstered long-stalled refinery refurbishment projects
Refining Report: American refiners target biofuels
31 October 2023
Biofuels are leading the way in the US as the region looks to the future with renewable fuels
Refining Report: Major projects under way in Middle East
23 October 2023
Countries in the region are expanding plants and building grassroots facilities, with countries in Africa keen to cut their fuel import bills
Refining Report: EU’s net-zero goals boost biofuels
12 October 2023
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has upended trade flows in the region, while Europe’s net-zero commitments have boosted biofuels investment
Refining Report: Asia sees major capacity buildout
9 October 2023
The region is the global leader in active refining projects, with most based in India and China
Refining Report: Biofuels lead the way
5 October 2023
Gasoline and diesel demand set to stagnate but biofuels production due to expand significantly to 2030
Russian firms exit Europe’s shrinking refining sector
2 February 2023
Hampered by sanctions and ill will, Russian majors are departing Europe, but refiners’ focus was already moving east
India cements role as refining hub
12 January 2023
The country’s hybrid model of state-backed and private refiners, often collaborating, continues to enjoy success
Less is more in Iraqi downstream
6 December 2022
The government’s new focus on relatively small, state-funded refinery expansions and upgrades bodes well for long-awaited progress
Aramco windfall trickles downstream
10 November 2022
Refining, petchems and distribution businesses are feeling the investment impact of sustained oil market strength
Energy costs hit European refining
2 November 2022
Margins narrowed considerably in the third quarter but still remain elevated for the time of year, as the continent continues to adapt following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
EU refineries prepare for life without Russian crude
31 October 2022
European refiners have strong incentives to adapt to the technological and logistical challenges of the continent turning away from Russia
No investor punishment for TotalEnergies loosening the purse strings
28 October 2022
The European major’s upping of capex forecasts is not ringing alarm bells despite wider shareholder desire for discipline
Europe’s refining sector struggles to adapt
24 October 2022
Aftershocks from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continue to roil refining and flows of products around Europe, in the Atlantic basin and across the world
Markets await Chinese product export quotas
24 October 2022
The normal quarterly uncertainty is more pronounced than usual, and the effect on the market may be delayed
Nigeria’s Dangote refinery startup in doubt
21 October 2022
The market is growing increasingly pessimistic about the potential timeline for the ‘game-changing’ West African refinery project
Indian refiners reap Russian discount rewards
30 August 2022
India continues to take significant volumes of discounted Russian crude
US politicians up windfall tax rhetoric ante
4 August 2022
Surging downstream profits add fuel to the fire, but the spectre of demand destruction lurks
China’s energy demand faces headwinds
28 July 2022
Economic difficulties mean the outlook for H2 remains highly uncertain despite planned stimulus measures
Biden clashes with US refiners over fuel prices
11 July 2022
Attacks on the downstream fail to weigh capacity losses
Letter from Beijing: Refiners hoping for summer rebound
30 June 2022
Easing of Covid restrictions looks set to lead to surge in domestic travel
Petrobras puts three refineries back on sale
28 June 2022
The RNEST, Repar and Refap facilities are open for offers again, but the divestment programme’s future is in doubt
Chinese refiners face carbon trading risk
5 May 2022
Beijing’s net-zero commitment means the refining and petrochemicals sector is likely to be included in the country’s ETS scheme sooner rather than later
Europe yet to give up Russian diesel
28 April 2022
The continent is loath to tackle its dependence upon imports of Russian refined products
Dangote on track for Q4 commissioning
22 April 2022
Previous updates on Africa’s largest refinery had been no more specific than sometime in 2022
Angolan refining poised for expansion
11 April 2022
Work is set to begin on a new greenfield refinery in the north of the country, with other developments also seeing progress
Shell’s refining margins jump above $10/bl
7 April 2022
The major’s downstream economics are almost 300pc improved year-on-year
Asian refiners’ mixed response to Ukraine conflict
22 March 2022
Chinese refiners are yet to buy more Russian crude, while other nations in Asia may help fill Europe’s shortfall in diesel supply, according to energy intelligence firm Vortexa
Energy transition to transform Asian refining
18 March 2022
The move away from fossil fuels will cap refinery capacity expansion in Asia-Pacific, but petrochemical demand gives the sector options
Miro stake left on Shell’s European refining to-do list
28 February 2022
The major has sold two assets and will futureproof two others, meaning only its share in the German JV remains for divestment
Tide turns for middle distillates
24 February 2022
Strong prices for middle distillates might persist due to a range of supply and demand factors
Ghana’s downstream goals remain distant
21 February 2022
The country is seeking investors to fund the rehabilitation of its only oil refinery, while confusion continues about plans for a new plant
Chinese refiners to feel the squeeze
21 February 2022
China’s crude refining throughput is set to decline quarter-on-quarter in Q1 2022, amid mounting pressure from multiple fronts
OMV coy on possible upstream/downstream split
9 February 2022
The Austrian firm is not ruling anything out ahead of a March strategy update
Petrom refining hit by utility costs hike
8 February 2022
Romanian refiner posts improved economics, but ancillary costs drag
Galp adds to European refining optimism
2 February 2022
Portuguese refiner reports stronger Q4 economics
Nigeria poised for refining renaissance
20 December 2021
The country is set to end a lengthy period in the doldrums with the launch of several small facilities
Indian oil companies advance refining agenda
9 December 2021
The country’s refinery sector continues to grow, but remains largely state-controlled
Chinese policy limits refining sector growth
23 November 2021
The country’s refining capacity will peak below a government-set cap
Pertamina targets refinery upgrade by end-2024
8 November 2021
Indonesian NOC on track to complete Balikpapan expansion on schedule
Angola advances refining ambitions
23 August 2021
Long-standing plans to reduce import dependence in the crude-rich nation might finally be making progress
China’s independent refiners reel from tax blow
16 July 2021
Preferred feedstocks are now subject to levies, as establishment refiners use political clout to bite back
South African refiners struggle to compete
14 July 2021
Most of the country’s ageing refinery capacity remains offline.
Warning signs for Pemex refinery deal
13 July 2021
Political downstream agenda and company track record cause unease over Texas refinery purchase
Refiners squeezed between gasoline and jet
8 July 2021
Rebounding gasoline demand is outpacing that of the rest of the barrel—particularly jet—and causing headaches for refiners
Outlook positive for India despite Covid woes
6 July 2021
The county’s crude demand may remain constrained this year, but the future is still bright
South Sudan struggles with refinery ambitions
6 July 2021
The country’s various refining projects appear to have stalled, with the exception of one South African-backed scheme
Iraq tries again in the downstream
5 July 2021
Oft-promised upgrades and greenfield facilities are again making putative progress
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