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No foregone conclusions for OPEC+
13 May 2024
OPEC+ has huge amounts of spare capacity amid a tightening market, but nothing can be taken for granted given unclear economic trajectories and geopolitical unrest
The Fed sends flowers to OPEC
4 April 2024
OPEC+ continues to keep oil prices within a 'goldilocks' price range and provide stability in turbulent geopolitical times
Letter on OPEC: OPEC composition will continue to evolve
19 January 2024
UAE looks a prime candidate to assert its growing power amid a group unlikely to either gain or lose many members in the foreseeable future
Letter from India: Prosperity and sustainability make uneasy bedfellows
30 November 2023
Burgeoning middle class and long-term growth from a low base at odds with energy transition efforts
IEA and OPEC diverge on oil outlook
6 November 2023
There is a gulf between the two bodies when it comes to their medium-term forecasts
How the Yom Kippur war changed OPEC
26 September 2023
Half a century after the 1973 conflict, the world is dramatically different. But OPEC’s power remains
Reality bites for global climate ambitions
14 August 2023
Real-world trends for rising oil use in the developing world cast increasing doubt on lofty emissions goals
Opec+ is in a tight spot
23 June 2023
Oil producers’ demand outlook not as bullish as thought as output cuts have limited impact
IEA highlights energy divergence as milestone 50th nears
2 June 2023
Energy body punches above its weight as it provides direction amid crossroads
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