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Brent without Brent: The role of North Sea oil in global prices
13 September 2023
The inclusion of WTI Midland in the Brent benchmark has boosted volumes, but with Brent blend taking a backseat, why not just use WTI as the global benchmark?
The oil market’s new polymorphism
11 September 2023
From crude flows to oil prices, S&P Global Commodity Insights highlights the market’s ability to overcome adversity, albeit with costs involved
Markets facing distillate squeeze
7 September 2023
Crude production cuts and refinery outages mean high prices are looming for heating oil and diesel this winter, and greater shale output will do little to help
Lack of oil and gas investment could be serious issue, warns IEF’s McMonigle
25 August 2023
Secretary General believes linear and ideal forms of energy transition will be difficult to achieve especially with false narratives around peak oil demand
US SPR squeezes Saudi economy
21 August 2023
Action by consuming governments has shown they can significantly affect oil prices and put a spoke in OPEC’s wheels
Consensus forms behind rising crude prices
14 August 2023
Saudi cuts and slowing US output add to improved demand outlook
US SPR faces existential crisis
11 August 2023
As the 50th anniversary of the Arab oil embargo approaches, policymakers gripped by energy security fears must start rethinking the purpose of emergency oil stocks
Oil market poised for China showdown
8 August 2023
China puts the strategic in SPR as it looks to utilise record oil storage
Oil and gas must face climate change head on
19 July 2023
Pushing for more fossil fuels is counter-productive to hydrocarbons’ important long-term role
Hydrocarbons are a clean fuel for 30% of the world
18 July 2023
The Russia crisis has brought some rational thinking back into the broader energy conversation around what constitutes clean and affordable fuel
Is LNG getting easier again for trading houses?
6 July 2023
Market volatility put a significant strain on the commodity traders in 2022, but there are some signs of green shoots
Saudi output cut creates tight sour crude market
29 June 2023
Move triggers flurry of Middle East-China trading with Unipec flooding market with Omani cargoes and rival Petrochina snapping them up
Oil companies focusing on being oil companies
27 June 2023
Persistent demand and the importance of the bottom line bring hydrocarbon investment back into focus
Oil watchers not paying close enough attention to Saudi’s Opec+ policy
20 June 2023
Saudi Arabia’s ‘whatever it takes mode’ suggests oil market floor will be defended despite macro challenges and Russia test
Big Oil’s trading black box
16 June 2023
Energy trading is an opaque business, but automated and centralised data processing systems could help lift the lid on the market’s best prices
US oil and gas sector facing insurance challenges
15 June 2023
The market has hardened significantly, but there are strategies energy companies can employ to mitigate its impact
Saudi Arabia, Opec+ and oil price formation
13 June 2023
Why does a Saudi production cut of a million barrels fail to drive prices higher?
Global offshore market is on the upswing
12 June 2023
Contractors set for multi-year recovery amid continually improving economics and efficiencies
Letter from Iran: Tehran's dreams and Moscow's deceptions
7 June 2023
Russia is making a show of support for Iran as the two nations strengthen their ties, but the promised investment may never materialise
IEA highlights energy divergence as milestone 50th nears
2 June 2023
Energy body punches above its weight as it provides direction amid crossroads
Realistic hope should be the legacy of Cop28
1 June 2023
The appointment of the UAE’s Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber as Cop president has drawn criticism from some quarters, but progress on the energy transition will require cooperation, not conflict
Transatlantic gasoline trade remains muted
26 May 2023
Demand, production growth and price outlooks will be limited as market continues to adjust following years of disruption
Crude market wrestles with supply-demand disconnect
25 May 2023
Near-term economic concerns and relative supply strength postpone oil’s recovery narrative
Oil industry faces long-term investment crunch threat, says IEA’s Bosoni
25 May 2023
‘Mature’ US shale industry, stranded asset risks and clean tech challenges mean sufficient energy supply could be in doubt beyond this investment cycle
Tackling methane a ‘no-brainer’ for oil and gas industry, says IEA’s McGlade
24 May 2023
Cutting emissions of the potent greenhouse gas is beneficial not just for the climate but also for companies’ bottom lines and their social licences to operate
Rise of Brics challenges oil world order
23 May 2023
The five economies are shaking up global markets, and they could be on the cusp of a major break from the existing order
Repsol takes integrated approach to net-zero goal
22 May 2023
The Spanish firm is taking a technology-neutral approach to its 2050 target, recognising the importance of a diversified energy supply
IEA’s Birol sees role for oil and gas as part of ‘orderly’ energy transition
22 May 2023
Tackling both the energy security crisis and the climate crisis means clean energy push must be secure and affordable
Russia-India crude trade poses challenges
17 May 2023
Western banking sanctions and the crude price cap cause headaches for New Delhi and Moscow
Africa must end foreign dependence, says Appo
12 May 2023
Regional energy body pushes for new strategies to develop the continent’s resources
South Korea doubles down on Saudi crude
11 May 2023
Seoul dabbles with Russian and US crude but Middle East remains primary source
Letter from China: Price controls squeeze gas suppliers
10 May 2023
Incomplete price reforms pose problems for both upstream and downstream players and threaten further shortages
Opec, IEA face-off reflects oil’s evolving role
3 May 2023
The recent disagreement between Opec and the IEA over market volatility is rooted in the seismic shift required by the oil industry to avoid catastrophic climate change
A potent US SPR is a national security imperative
27 April 2023
Russia’s war against Ukraine has profoundly transformed many elements of the global oil market
Opec+ cuts jar with China’s strong buying signals
21 April 2023
Beijing likely to be unfazed by move amid growing alliance with Saudi Arabia
Oil and gas industry must rebalance energy trilemma
20 April 2023
Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine have brought the importance of energy security sharply back into focus
Letter from the US: Biden calls time on petroleum-fuelled vehicles
20 April 2023
Rules mandating EV sales will transform the US automotive industry, but there are significant practical and judicial challenges
Opec+ mastering art of targeting prices without targeting prices
17 April 2023
Two-speed producer group is now nimble enough to make price floor work
US industry could see second half of 2023 mirror the first
14 April 2023
Top oil forecasters and industry signals at odds over market direction
Crucial Brent oil benchmark undergoes metamorphosis
4 April 2023
Start of the ‘new’ Brent amid shifting market realities
China holds all the cards in Russia’s eastern pivot
4 April 2023
The Asian giant sees no reason to rush on energy cooperation
Letter from the US: Financial contagion and the oil industry – What, me worry?
31 March 2023
Banks’ stricter lending policies will force refiners and marketers to hold fewer stocks, putting a squeeze on the oil industry
Baytex deal could signal incoming US M&A wave
29 March 2023
Bumper cash flows along with diversification and consolidation strategies set stage for dealmaking
Goldman’s Currie interview part 2: Supercycle set for capex surge that will elevate oil longer term
28 March 2023
Head of commodity research says energy transition a key driver for the supercycle and Middle East the key engine for oil investment
Goldman’s Currie interview part 1: Banking crisis to slow, not derail, oil’s upward trajectory
27 March 2023
Head of commodity research sees prices heading back above $90/bl by the end of the year despite scarring effects of crisis slowing oil’s rise
Saudi-Iran deal first step to boosting regional oil security prospects
24 March 2023
But there is less optimism on additional Iranian exports, and many near-term risks remain
Russia finds the ships to access new product markets
24 March 2023
Refining runs and questions over blending—not vessel availability—are likely to determine Russian product export volumes
Shale drillers try to stay patient amid gas price slump
22 March 2023
Producers resist urge to respond too quickly to gas price trends
Willow approval may be turning point that fails to turn
21 March 2023
Development expected to produce equivalent of up to 40pc of Alaskan daily production but is unlikely to herald a new age of megaprojects
Crude tanker market outlook remains strong
20 March 2023
Ukraine fallout continues to elevate tanker demand while restricting vessel availability
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