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Global oil benchmark resolves its existential crisis
24 June 2024
The addition of US crude to the world’s top oil benchmark has finally solved its North Sea conundrum and laid down a marker for the future
Oil trading’s biggest bust – MG: The death spiral and aftermath
7 February 2023
Kevin O’Reilly concludes the cautionary tale of the German conglomerate’s overreach with what went very, very wrong
Oil trading’s biggest bust – MG: Enter Arthur Benson
3 February 2023
Kevin O’Reilly continues his three-part account of the hobbling of a German industrial giant with the arrival of the story’s central figure
Oil trading’s biggest bust – MG: What started to go wrong?
2 February 2023
Kevin O’Reilly, with 27 years commodity trading experience, dives into one of the most compelling tales of how not to hedge your risks in the first of a three-part series
Chinese energy demand gets back on track
2 February 2023
The signs point towards a comeback in 2023, but uncertainty around Covid remains a factor
Arrow flies against Colombian headwinds
9 January 2023
The company does not seem concerned about the effect on its growth plans of the new government’s proposed oil sector reforms, and is even looking at potential acquisitions
US oil output to set new record
22 December 2022
Partisan political rhetoric has not prevented production growth
Outlook 2023: High prices are a cure for high prices
14 December 2022
History shows that the demand impact keeps any oil market spikes strictly temporary in nature
Outlook 2023: Energy crisis puts political commitments to the test
23 November 2022
Governments around the world must decide how to approach the energy trilemma amid ongoing volatility
India courts foreign investors
22 November 2022
The government is seeking to revitalise the country’s upstream through a variety of reforms, says Petroleum Secretary Pankaj Jain
Outlook 2023: Tighter times ahead for oil
18 November 2022
Energy markets have had an extraordinary 2022, sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and subsequent retaliatory action. But the full effect on the oil market has yet to be seen
No imminent slowdown in Indian oil demand growth
20 October 2022
The country’s increasing thirst for oil is unlikely to be blunted by planned gas use expansion or the energy transition
Opec+ decision fallout grows
6 October 2022
Crude price gains will not be the only result of the cartel’s decision to cut production
US seeks to reassure over Russia price cap
6 October 2022
The looming move threatens additional uncertainty and risk for the energy markets this winter
Pay more tax to protect markets – van Beurden
4 October 2022
Outgoing Shell chief sees higher government take as a much lesser threat to the oil and gas industry
A Russia price cap: Too clever by half
26 September 2022
The proposed mechanism may cause Russia some pain, but its impact is likely overstated
Russian barrels continue to impact Iranian trade
13 September 2022
The sanctioned countries are competing in a limited illicit market
Letter from India: Cost of import dependence grows
12 September 2022
Surging demand, declining domestic output, high prices and a weakening rupee are all pushing up the country’s import bills
Future-proofing Aramco
16 August 2022
Record profits allow for investment drive not just in the upstream but also the downstream and in lower-carbon
Reading too much into the Saudi capacity ceiling
1 August 2022
MbS almost certainly did not mean what oil bulls have convinced themselves he did
Why a Russian oil price cap is unlikely to work
18 July 2022
The notion of a limit on Putin’s oil export revenue is attractive, but it will be virtually impossible to make it work in practice
High crude prices to persist in Q3 – Rystad
4 July 2022
Consultancy sees Brent potentially averaging $120/bl in Q3, but the outlook remains mixed
Russia-linked tankers ‘going dark’
9 June 2022
Shipping analysts Windward see a rise in suspicious activity by Russia-affiliated vessels since start of Ukraine war
Letter from China: Beijing backs Moscow
6 June 2022
China’s energy imports have offered Russia a lifeline as Western sanctions bite
Crude stocks rise despite perception of tightness
5 June 2022
Analysts warn of economic headwinds for the crude and product markets
Russian crude displacement impacts Mideast producers
26 May 2022
Flows of Urals crude to Asian importers—in particular India—have spiked since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to price reporting agency GX
Aramco hits fresh financial highs
17 May 2022
The Saudi oil behemoth is funnelling record earnings into domestic upstream
Oil sees muted spike on EU import ban
4 May 2022
The immediate impact of an official EU embargo on Russian crude and products may be outweighed by a longer-term reaction
US struggles with global energy security champion role
3 May 2022
The country faces a very particular version of the ‘energy trilemma’
Russia mulls producer support
26 April 2022
The Kremlin may change rules to soften the blow of any drop in production
Russian crude exports see partial rebound
25 April 2022
Volumes have risen in recent weeks amid an uptick in flows to East Asia, says analytics firm Vortexa, while even in Europe the picture is mixed
Do we need to repeal Dodd-Frank to save the commodity markets?
12 April 2022
A return of banks to commodity markets could ease the current crisis
Biden announces oil reserve release
1 April 2022
Washington will take 1mn bl/d from SPR for the next six months
Russia’s spot sales problem
30 March 2022
Trading houses confirm they are not buying outside of term contracts, leaving the question of who will lift Russian barrels
What China and India did next
29 March 2022
The appetite of the two East of Suez economies for Russian oil may prove crucial
Crude: The $225/bl bull’s view
29 March 2022
Doug King of fund manager and commodity trader RCMA sees far greater upside than down in the oil market
Letter from the Middle East: Buyers call for more
29 March 2022
Western countries want Mideast Gulf producers to boost output, but the options are limited
Canada commits to additional 200,000bl/d of crude
28 March 2022
The country will pipe more oil, as well as more gas, to its southern neighbour by year-end
Letter from South America: Ukraine crisis brings opportunities and costs
28 March 2022
While the region’s crude producers stand to benefit from high prices, LNG importers will feel the pressure
Asian refiners’ mixed response to Ukraine conflict
22 March 2022
Chinese refiners are yet to buy more Russian crude, while other nations in Asia may help fill Europe’s shortfall in diesel supply, according to energy intelligence firm Vortexa
Trafigura fears for emerging markets
22 March 2022
The impact on Africa and Latin America of spiralling energy prices should not be ignored
Europe faces diesel crunch – Vitol
22 March 2022
The Swiss trader is relatively sanguine on Europe replacing Russian crude, but the products puzzle is more challenging
Siberian Spring: Russia-China energy relations poised for growth
21 March 2022
The fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is likely to spur closer energy cooperation between Moscow and Beijing, although significant hurdles remain
Equinor’s Russian retreat heightens self-sanctioning price spike fears
15 March 2022
Consultancy Kpler suggests a slowdown in Russian flows might be about to show up in the data and is not priced in
Chinese crude demand growth to slow
14 March 2022
China’s demand is set to increase again this year, but at a slower pace after hitting yet another record high in 2021
Caution reigns in US shale
10 March 2022
Even amid climbing oil prices and strong market backwardation, most US shale independents show little scope or intent to raise output in the short term
Costing a Russian oil supply gap
9 March 2022
Analysts see potential for $200/bl+ if it becomes ever more difficult in practice for Western nations to buy crude from Russia
US and UK ban Russian oil imports
9 March 2022
The allies call a halt to deliveries, but Biden seems accepting that more exposed European countries will not follow suit
IEA coordinates crude stock release
2 March 2022
The intergovernmental body is trying to cool the crude market
Opec’s swing producers to stick to deal
25 February 2022
Opec’s top producers are unlikely to deviate from an agreement that has brought market stability and buoyed prices
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