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Israel-Hamas war clouds energy prospects
6 December 2023
The threat of a big disruption to energy trade in the Middle East appears to be receding, but the fog of war is casting doubt on projects in the region
Testing times for Ecuador’s new president
22 November 2023
Security concerns and environmental opposition to oil and gas drilling pile pressure on new leader’s truncated first term
Venezuela’s limited oil sanctions relief
1 November 2023
Washington’s move to ease restrictions on Caracas will likely have a more meaningful impact on US refiners than global crude markets
How the Yom Kippur war changed OPEC
26 September 2023
Half a century after the 1973 conflict, the world is dramatically different. But OPEC’s power remains
Letter from Nigeria: New leader delivers shock therapy
21 August 2023
President Tinubu has already targeted major reforms at the country’s dysfunctional downstream and upstream sectors, as well as overhauling monetary policy
Reality bites for global climate ambitions
14 August 2023
Real-world trends for rising oil use in the developing world cast increasing doubt on lofty emissions goals
Shifting sands alter balance of power in Middle East
9 August 2023
The region’s political situation and internal relationships are changing amid the growing influence of Russia and China
Letter from Canada: The coming energy war
31 July 2023
Conflict between the federal government and Alberta’s new premier seems inevitable
Uncertainty weighs on the Andean energy sector
26 July 2023
Collapsing governments and crackdown on public dissent showcase growing instability
Letter from London: Some fuels are more equal than others
11 July 2023
For those demonising oil and gas, there is a plot twist: the real bogeymen are coal and the world’s voracious appetite for energy
Trinidad & Tobago looks to awaken the Dragon
7 July 2023
The island nation’s energy minister delivers a bullish outlook on oil and gas both home and abroad
Letter from South America: The rise and fall of Ecuador’s oil industry
4 July 2023
Uncertain whether political change would change Opec member’s energy fortunes
US debt deal to have lasting consequences for oil and gas
9 June 2023
Approval of Mountain Valley Pipeline could set a legal precedent, while permitting reform may make it easier for other projects to advance
Letter from Iran: Tehran's dreams and Moscow's deceptions
7 June 2023
Russia is making a show of support for Iran as the two nations strengthen their ties, but the promised investment may never materialise
New president, old problems for Nigeria
15 May 2023
Abuja is still waiting for the Dangote refinery to solve the country’s expensive fuel subsidy problem
Letter from Canada: Oil sands return to domestic ownership
9 May 2023
Continuing exodus of foreign companies means assets are coming back to Canadian-headquartered firms
The energy stakes of Turkey’s heated presidential election
24 April 2023
Besides fraying democracy, different visions for Turkey as a regional gas hub hang in the balance in a fateful election in May
Letter from Caracas: Venezuela and Russia’s fragile oil ties at risk
6 April 2023
Moscow’s influence over Caracas uncertain amid upcoming elections and a shift in approach from Washington
Iraq-Turkey pipeline outlook unclear despite deal
5 April 2023
Major issues remain despite agreement between Iraq and Kurdistan
Blueberry River veto casts a long shadow
31 March 2023
Implications of settlement between British Columbia and First Nations group go beyond development of massive Montney shale formation
Chad nationalises ExxonMobil’s former assets
30 March 2023
Savannah Energy claims the assets and will contest the decision at the ICC
Dangote mystery cannot be solved soon enough for Nigeria
16 March 2023
The refinery project is well-advanced but is unlikely to be online in time to help alleviate a forecast gasoline supply squeeze this summer
Letter from Venezuela: A long journey back from the oil wilderness
8 March 2023
Lifting sanctions may still be a bridge too far in becoming a sustainable supplier of crude to the US
Russian sanctions not watertight
21 February 2023
Moscow will likely still be able to find buyers and ships for its exports of crude and products despite the measures
Nigeria heads for crucial elections
20 February 2023
The country’s next president faces an uphill battle to revive the struggling oil and gas sector
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